I survived another work week

It’s the last work day of the week for us here in Dubai and I am happy to say – I have survived another work week without going into labor! Then it’s another work week (Saturday-Thursday) and I am going for maternity leave! I can’t wait. I have lots to do at home, let’s hope I won’t spend it all on sleeping and eating!

Then there’s this waiting for the big day.

Speaking of which, there’s someone who guessed I will be giving birth tomorrow! Oh no,  if it happens! Most of the guesses say we are in for a Halloween baby though, placing the 31st as one of the most popular bets! What do you think? Join the fun, guess the date and win $30!

Back to the baby business…

Honestly, I don’t know if the baby has started/starting to or fully engaged and ready (i.e., going down the birth canal for all those who want a visual explanation) because during the 37 weeks antenatal checkup last Tuesday, the doctor merely put a doppler in my belly to hear the heartbeat. NOTHING ELSE. What?

I expected an internal exam (the one where they poke on your vajayjay to see if your body is starting to get ready for labor) and/or an ultrasound at least but because I was classified as “just fine” they didn’t do any of those.  Top to that, I didn’t need to come back next week (when it’s supposed to be every week from now on) because the hospital is full and they will only see patients more often if there are complications.

Dubai moms, is this normal here?

Lastly, the new doctor at the big hospital was going through my file when she came across:

Nationality: JA

..and asked me, what does this stand for? JAMAICA?

I assure you, I did NOT look like Bob Marley that day.


  1. HA! Jamaica, huh? I must say that is quite funny ^.^

    And yay for surviving another work week! Just one more to go 🙂 I’m sure when you hit that day where you start ML, it’ll be a happy relief!



  2. Yeah at your stage a simple fetal heart rate check is all they do here. Internal exams at 37 weeks? I don’t know of anyone that does that. But people usually do go in once a week for a check until they deliver.
    Good luck.



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