The uniform saga continues

It was too early for me to celebrate the fact that Pristine’s school didn’t require us to buy new uniforms for the new school year. On the first day of school, she was wearing her old uniform in Grade 2. And everything was well.

…until we received a newsletter saying that while there is no change in the uniforms, Grade 3-6 students wear a different type of uniform. Different from what she had in Grade 2!

So from this:

To this:

So this girl?

…looks like a boy on school days.


Parents in Dubai/UAE: how often did your child/children’s school change school uniforms? Pristine is in the same school for 5 years and this is the 5th uniform she has! See her uniform transition here.


  1. I like the first one. They really look a real school girl uniform. Why do they have to change uniform most often? The second one with that long pants is such a very masculine uniform and they don’t have a touch of femininity on it. Does parents don’t have a say on this? Do they really impose on things?



  2. I`m fortunate that I have never had to purchase a school uniform. My kids attend school in Dubai, probably one of the few that doesn’t require uniforms. My daughter therefore goes to school in her own unique quirky style! I must admit though, there are days when I wish they would wear a uniform, like when my son goes out wearing every color of the rainbow šŸ˜‰



  3. I think it’s a nice change. How could she be able to play while worrying about being a little lady in that dress? We don’t have much time in our lives to enjoy being a kid before becoming ladies. Best that she can enjoy it!



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