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October is here! In case you have not been following this blog lately – it’s the month where I will be having baby #2. I’m currently 36 weeks in my pregnancy. My husband thinks the baby will come out on the 27th, saying the date ‘speaks’ to him. In fact, his boss has set two days (27th and 28th) to be his day off. Me? I am rooting for the 29th since it’s the husband’s birthday and since he doesn’t like to celebrate his birthday – I thought we can really celebrate it without any excuses if it coincides with the new baby’s birthday as well.

BUT, it could be ANY day, really. And it makes me impatient, restless – you get all those feelings when you’re dealing with a watermelon sized belly and feel like there’s a huge, heavy bowling ball tucked underneath your shirt!

So — Sandier Pastures readers, while I’m pacing back and forth waiting for the lovely labor pains (ouch), why don’t we make a game out of it?

Place your bets on the date our Baby #2 will make the grand exit (or should I say grand entrance to this world). Whoever guesses the exact date will get $30 cash via PayPal!

Before you make your guesses here are some facts that might help you decide to pick the best date:


  • My due date is somewhere at the last week of October.
  • But babies usually come out 2 weeks before or after – meaning, it could even be in early November!
  • My eldest daughter, Pristine’s due date was 23rd December 2003.
  • She was born exactly on her due date (being Japanese and all, she kept up with her appointed time even when I was already in labor 2 days earlier! )
  • Would our Baby #2 follow suit? Maybe but then maybe not – statistics show that only 5% of all babies are born on the exact due date assumed by doctors so it could really be ANY date.

The rules:

  1. All dates between now and the ‘official’ birth date (whenever that will be) are open.
  2. One guess per reader.
  3. In case multiple guessers guessed the correct birth date or if no one guessed the correct birth date, one name will be selected at random.
  4. Contest will end once the baby arrives (I will make the confirmation on this blog and in Twitter, most likely so be sure to follow me on Twitter or subscribe to my blog via RSS reader or via email).
  5. If you don’t have a PayPal account to claim the prize, options would be an Amazon gift certificate or if you’re from the UAE, a 100 dhs gift certificate to your favorite mall.

Ok, time to hit the  comments section and mention your best guess! Good luck!


  1. I’m going with October 30th, my sister’s bday. (
    Also Devil’s Night, so maybe she’ll be a rascal 😛 )

    You and your new one are in my prayers.


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