More education needed in Dubai Metro’s Priority Seat

I was traveling by train a few days back with Pristine. She had a heavy back pack, was tired from an activity she attended and me, well, I am pregnant which immediately, automatically equals fatigued. We chose the ladies only car in the train though it was full because I was hopeful someone would give one seat at least for me – women would know the pains of pregnancy, right?


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Not one moved a muscle. Some pretended to sleep, others were busy chatting, talking on their phones or staring into space – just generally going about with their individual lives to mind a standing prego. I know I could have said something but was afraid to make a scene? Pristine and I moved to the ‘mixed gender’ car part of the train, immediately, two men stood up for us.

Even at 36 weeks heavy, I think I am a pretty self-sufficient prego. I still drive, do the groceries, WORK 6 days a week and do the usual stuff. But on a train after a long day? I expect people to be more sympathetic. I would like to sit down.

When we changed trains though, no one bothered – men, women, everyone cared for their butts more than my elephant feet. The train was full because it’s a weekend. I stood near a man who permanently looked away. I gave hints. Nothing. Ah, to these men who don’t give up their seats to pregnant ladies, may your balls be a hundred times heavier when you get off the train!

By the way, here’s the priority seat sign inside one of the trains in Japan.

Apparently in Japan, you have to give up your seat even to the brokenhearted*. LOL!

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* Kidding of course! The sign is for people having a pacemaker device installed in their heart.

If you are pregnant/elderly would you demand someone sitting in the priority seating section to give up their seat for you or would you just wait to be offered?

13 thoughts on “More education needed in Dubai Metro’s Priority Seat

    • Well, I never thought of that until you mentioned it! 🙂
      But I do think it is safer than me driving – I can be careful but not sure about the others on the roads.


  1. I lived in Dubai for 5 years and here in Abu Dhabi for 3 years now and one thing I’ve learned here in the UAE, that you have to tell people what you want, maybe because of the mixed culture we have and life in the UAE is all about work, money and honey.


    • You must be right. It’s just ridiculous as sitting on the emergency exit on the plane and not fulfilling your duties…

      I think most of the people don’t understand the signs on the priority seating section or just plainly choose to ignore…mga kabayan pa man karamihan!


  2. I would demand to be seated.
    But honestly the usual (if not all) metro riders don’t really care to anyone except themselves. true.story.


  3. I have never been to Dubai but my guess is like everywhere else, there is a huge dose of inconsiderate behavior. There are some people that are rude and intentionally so (or at least know they consistently are selfish and inconsiderate and don’t care to change). There are many more people that like to believe they are a nice person. If you call to their attention some action they can take to be considerate they will..

    My guess is you don’t have to demand anything just ask if someone will let you sit. Then some in the “I think of myself as considerate” group will let you sit.

    For those in that group, it is better to actually proactively be considerate – in my opinion. Considering others gives the impression (to me) that it is a proactive act. Inconsiderate is the absence of that proactive consideration of others.


  4. oh well. that’s dubai for you. when i was pregnant during GITEX week in 2008, i was almost crushed just to get on a bus. everyone kept pushing and shoving, with no consideration to a pregnant lady. i just had to shout and tell them off!


  5. I experienced this ‘kind of inconsideration to a pregnant lady’ while I was pregnant with Mark, but not a train. It was in a grocery store at check-out. I dropped something and I was having a hard time bending over to pick it up. The lady right beside me just looked at me. She didn’t even finched. When I looked at her almost begging her to help me, she just raised an eyebrow. I never felt so bad and felt so helpless …

    I hope you’ll have better days in public in your pregnant situation. It won’t be long, you’ll have your baby soon …

    And then, having a baby in public is all another ball game.


  6. Parepareha ra dire sa Singapore. Pero naa jud uban na manguhit sa galingkod sa priority seat, or laing tawo ang mosulti para palingkuron ang nagkinahanglan. Pero kadaghanan, paugat jud gihapon kaau. D best pa gihapon sa Japan.


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