Maternity leave approved!

I’m around thirty six weeks pregnant. I’m tired. I feel like the lower half of my body weighs a hundred kilos. I can’t sleep lying on my back. The size of my feet have increased that only the flip flops fits me now. Don’t even mention the elephant ankles at the end of a working day.

My maternity leave, a meager 90 days has been approved so my countdown to my winding down is at 18 days – then a week after (27th) is my due date.

At 37 weeks, babies are considered full term and might come out ANYTIME, whether I like or not or in my case, whether the world is ready or not! Let’s hope the baby won’t come out earlier than expected because:

I am not ready (logistically at least) – I have not even packed my hospital bag completely yet!

I would like to rest a bit to ready my body for battle.

Did I mention that I am tired?


  1. Oh I do so remember the feeling. When you get home from work, tell your family they need to pamper you. Tell Pristine to rub your feet and perhaps your mother can do the evening meal. Hubby can rub your back. That’s it, get the family to take care of you!



  2. 90 days is better than nothing. At least you are in the home stretch. You should put your feet up when you get home -if you can 😉



  3. Awww, I can only imagine the level of tired your dealing with O.o But the great thing is the due date will be here before you know it and you’ll have a beautiful baby in your arms that makes everything worth it!



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