8 years on, I’m at peace with my stretch marks

I posted some belly photos on Facebook and a friend of mine, Charlotte of Life’s a Charm (who’s also a mom of two) asked me if I have taken a picture of myself in  nude/semi-nude. That bare all belly type of thing.

One of our common friends who just gave birth left a comment – “depends on the stretch marks!”

Oh yeah, those nasty stretch marks, I know those buggers…so did I still take a bare belly photo?

As a matter of fact, yes but while I do not have fresh stretch marks from this pregnancy, I do have the nasty stretch marks from last. Still I am proud of the photo and unashamed to show it to people and excited to show it off to my baby in the future.

Yeah, that photo at the beginning of this post.

My bout with stretch marks
Moisturizing with cocoa butter and other lotions I could think of didn’t stop the dark red/purple stretch marks from appearing on my lower belly on the fifth month of my first pregnancy. I was disgusted to see myself in the mirror.

When it was ugly while my tummy was big and skin was taut, it was uglier when the baby came out. I cried at the sight of my loose jelly belly + dark, ugly streaks. Just when you think it was that bad while you were pregnant, the first few months after delivery was not pleasant at all – it was as if a crazed artist drew random black lines out of fun in my belly. “I am never going to wear a bikini again…”

Not that I did before but along with the lost self-esteem and goal to wear a bikini (or have a body that’s bikini worthy) even for just a day in my life, I lost the will to come back to my pre-pregnancy weight (whatever that is).

Later on I realize though, that was just a lame excuse.

Fast forward 8 years and I am pregnant again – I don’t know if it’s because of age or maturity that I have come to terms with being pregnant, as glorious as it is but with all the havoc that comes with it: weight gain, mood swings, heart burn, stretch marks. I didn’t care whether I’ll have the ugly stretch marks again – I’m at peace with my body and see stretch marks not as ugly scars but stripes of valor, of bravery, of courage. It is proof that you’re a mom, that you’ve carried and nurtured a life inside you for 9 whole months, you’ve gone through labor and delivery or even risked your life for doing so.

I am carrying a life inside me and that experience can’t beat any bikini day at the beach.

9 thoughts on “8 years on, I’m at peace with my stretch marks

  1. I knew it is not easy to deal with stretch marks. I got some after I lose some weight and it seems nice that somehow it minimizes when the time has passed. I remember that some moms-to-be even tried to use baby oil so that they could minimize the stretch marks. But I am glad that you appreciate carrying a life and loving the feeling of being pregnant. Thanks for sharing some insights about pregnancy and stretch marks.


  2. I can really relate with all the things that you said. That’s what it really takes to be a mother. The pain of giving labor the ugly stretch mark thing. But after all of that when you see your baby all the pain in the world just washed away.


  3. Beautifully written post and what a glorious photo of you! I am so glad you have taken this photo. Stretch marks and all, a pregnant woman’s body is glorious, and YOU look so full of pride and love for the baby you are carrying! YOU are BEAUTIFUL!


  4. Beauty is just another thing that influenced by the environment.
    Take for example 100 years ago a beautiful women was a fat one. that was the definition of beauty by the social environment


  5. Congrats on you conquering this nasty stretch marks. 🙂
    It isn’t easy dealing with this problem. One can have a lot of stress thinking ways to get this out of our body. It is nice knowing you made it. 🙂


  6. Perhaps you were right about your point that there’s nothing to be afraid nor be ashamed of, it’s been a long time issue of women who lost confidence but who cares anyway? Life is not all about revealing those curves but absolutely being realistic.


  7. Don’t be more bother about that stretch marks anyway. It is really normal for pregnant woman. Don’t care what people say, instead be confident in everything you do. Its not their life, its yours.


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