Week 35 – The joyous pee breaks

35 weeks into the pregnancy. Eight hours of sleep. Pee time = 4 times.

By simple computation that would mean I’m waking up every 2 hours, dragging myself in the dark room, onto the washroom to squeeze the bladder. Who knew a woman’s body could hold so much water!?

Oh hear, hear – did you know that this pee time in the night is actually a drill, a practice of what would be the real thing when the baby comes out. You know, those very popular “sleepless nights” during the baby’s first days?

That’s what.

Nature is actually preparing moms for what will come. So when the baby needs you to be awake so many times at night, don’t be shocked. You had your drill, right? For now, interrupted sleep because of pee but at least I don’t have to change diapers, suffer from leaky boobies, smell and look like shit. Not yet, at least.

* Yez, I’m fully aware that the tone of what I just wrote doesn’t go well with my happy disposition in the photo above. I just discovered how to use the built-in webcam for my netbook – somehow that made me quite happy (even if it’s not so clear but when you’re on the last month of pregnancy where fatigue and bloating start to appear, a blurry webcam is your friend).


  1. I think you look great in the photos. Still waiting on your ‘glorious’ photo. I had a few ‘glorious’ photos taken of myself when I was pregnant, on the two times that I was. I am glad that I have those since I can’t get pregnant anymore …

    Mark is over 1-year old now, not breastfeeding anymore, .. but once in a while I still wake up in the middle of the night just because…

    I am so excited to see your baby! Take care and stay well …



  2. I’m not a fan of this being “practice” for sleepless nights. I think it’s unfair that you start life with a newborn completely exhausted because you already haven’t had a good night’s sleep in months. 😦



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