Watch out for the belly rubbers

The baby bump has grown bigger. Bigger like, it doesn’t care whether I’d explode because of it. Scary, but I certainly feel that way on most days. How can a woman’s body expand like this? At 34 weeks, I feel I’ve reached the maximum stretch then I realize, “oh shit, I still have 6 more weeks to go!”

Along with baby bump comes the pregnant belly rubbers…

As natural as people would love to touch furry little kittens and pups when they see one, people – complete strangers at that have started rubbing my belly like suddenly I’m giving everyone a “Please touch me!” pass. The random touching often comes as surprising and honestly, I don’t feel comfortable with it (unless I know the person touching me).

There are so many get around to this. I can simply say, no or slap their hands off. But I tried another way and instead say, “Pregnancy is contagious, you know…?”

Immediately, they take their hands off the belly. Most are moms themselves who are done making babies and the rest, I bet,Β  had unprotected sex the night before.

11 thoughts on “Watch out for the belly rubbers

  1. Your belly looks like you have a nice healthy baby growing inside. It bothered me when people came up and rubbed or patted my belly and then my grandmother told me, that they are looking to share the life you hold inside of you. If I saw you right now, I would ask, but I’m afraid I too would want to place my hands on your belly, perhaps to feel the baby move inside.
    Have you seen the movie, “Juno” when the adoptive mother feels the baby move inside of the pregnant teenage? Her face lights up and then she says “It’s magical!”
    And it is, and you are!


    • You are most welcome to touch my belly!! I haven’t seen Juno (unbelievable, I know!) but you make me curious now I am going to find that DVD to rent!

      You are right – being pregnant, having a life inside of us is nothing short of magical!


      • I love that movie ‘Juno’! I cried at the end of the movie, …

        I, too, hated it when someone touched my pregnant belly. When I was pregnant with Matthew, I had an officemate whom I avoided because she touched my belly everytime she sees me, and if I didn’t turn the other way, we’d see each other every hour. And suddenly, to this lady, my name changed to ‘that pregnant woman’. She was so annoying!

        But then maybe, it is magical! That they simply want to share in the magic of that life growing …


  2. Honestly, I would be uncomfortable with complete strangers rubbing my stomach, too, if I were pregnant. Seriously, what part of MY don’t they understand? The least people can do is ask if it would be okay rather then have a free-for-all petting zoo moment O.o

    I’d just tell them I’m not Buddha and rubbing my belly does not bring good luck. Lol


  3. I also don’t like almost everyone touching my belly when I was preggers with my eldest. I think that’s why I almost as always in the house that time. 6 more weeks Grace! Even, I, am excited! It feels like I walked with you during this pregnancy esp the pre-pregnancy period.


  4. I’m pretty sure that you have a healthy baby inside and I can feel it. Don’t forget your diet and I’m looking forward on your post.


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