After Eid holidays, traffic

It’s Monday and while most of the people around the world have just started their work week (except for friends in the US who’s celebrating Labor Day), Monday’s the hump day for me already – the middle of the week since work for me start on Saturdays.

Thanks for that look of pity.

After four glorious days of Eid holidays after the fasting month of Ramadan, which I gloriously lazied up myself and just stayed home, I was back to work, back to the normal work timings of 8:30 to 6 pm. During Ramadan, work timings are cut off short and we are home and napping by 4 pm. For the whole month.

Bliss, I know.

Yesterday, most of the school have reopened for the new school year and with that comes only one thing and one thing only – traffic. I snapped the photo above while being stuck in traffic on a road that have always been free flowing! There were no accidents in sight, just plenty of cars going my way. The commute to work yesterday was twice as much as it would take on normal days. Luckily, a shortcut road to work opened recently and I was smart ass enough not to miss it (hallelujah – I often get confused with the constant road changes and end up in detours!) so I wasn’t late!

How’s your Monday going?


  1. Going to my sister’s house, I got stuck in terrible traffic! I bridge had washed out in the tropical storm Irene! I had to take a 15mile detour. Terrible! So I can send all sorts of sympathy.



  2. Well, it was glorious while it lasted, right?!

    My Monday has not been the greatest, unfortunately 😦 It’s just one of those down days. Oh well, tomorrow is another day!



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