From 1 child to 2 children is making me emotional

I’ve just come back from four days of staying at home celebrating the Eid holidays by eating, sleeping and watching TV. I swear I’ve created a dent in the sofa. While I was busy making my butt bigger, my pregnancy journey progressed – I am now on my 32nd week.

That figure stopped me right there.

Out of 40 weeks, I’ve completed 32. Life changing moments will soon come. These four days had me pondering on a lot of things surrounding this whole baby #2 thing.

Honestly, the idea of having two children soon hasn’t kicked in yet. I’m excited, don’t get me wrong but at some point, I have not imagined the transition from having one kid to two.  And that will happen next month. Next month!

Then I think about Pristine.

She had been the center of our world (my world) for almost 8 years. I enjoy our little talks, those random hugs and wet kisses. Those alone time we have lounging in bed, all the time and attention just for her. Somehow I feel that with a new baby coming, I won’t be there for her as much as I want to. If you’re a mom, you know what fatigue and sleep deprivation can do.

But I promise myself I will swim through the struggles of being a new mom again. I don’t want to let her down or feel left out!

I get furious when people around her tell her: “Oh your mommy is having a baby, you won’t be that special again.” (Believe me there are mean people who say this!)

I get scared she might believe that crap and it makes me sad because somewhere along the line, she has  transformed from being just a daughter to that “little best friend” I couldn’t live without.

I hope nothing could change that.


  1. I had those kinds of thoughts when Mark was about to be born. And on Mark’s first week, it was hard for Matthew. He got jealous and it tore me apart, because there seems nothing I can do to assure him that we still love him. It got better, though, in time! Matthew is now a very helpful big brother, even though he can’t stand his baby brother smashing up his lego creations.

    I don’t see jealousy or the sort coming for P as she is older than Matthew, and I really think she is going to be a great big sister. I’m sure P will not ever believe those crap. She will get so smitten by her baby brother …

    BTW, do you have a name yet?



    1. Yeah, I am hopeful that there will be no jealousy crap because Pristine is turning 8 soon. She will be a great big sister and very excited about this whole baby #2 thing. She even has a list of “baby caring chores” which we have to divide, the two of us, me and her!

      No name finalized yet but we are shortlisting some already!

      * Thing is, we are not sure right now whether we have a boy or girl..the baby’s position is quite tricky! Before they thought it’s a boy and now the ultrasound is vague coz the baby is not cooperating!



  2. My second kid is already due this November and I am already teaching my 3 years old son to be the big brother for her little sister. And it is such a wonderful experience when a 3 years old is over protective of her mom because of her little inside..



    1. Thank you so much Lorie for the kind words. I am hopeful that there will be no sibling rivalry/jealousy between Pristine and the new baby. I am sure with the 8 years that Pristine had been the center of attention that she’s ready to relinquish that throne to the new little one. 🙂



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