Eid Mubarak 2011!

Finally after fasting for a total of 29 days (no drink, food and other ‘worldly’ pleasures) from dawn ’till sunset, daily life of Muslims around the world is back to its normalcy.

Last night, it was declared that the crescent moon was sighted, signaling the end of the holy month of Ramadan. That would mean celebrations for Muslims and for all of us, a few days off from work (in fact, I am writing this at home)! Today is Tuesday and I’ll only be back to work on Saturday so I get FOUR glorious days to spend how I like – but mostly, I suspect I will just be staying at home, trying to rest. After 5 Eid holidays in Dubai, I really do not have plans to go somewhere. When we first came here, the Eid holidays were highly anticipated and we would ready our itinerary and maps to travel to the nearby Emirates but now, no driving far for us. The beach is still hot so no beach time as well.

Next Ramadan – if we are still here (and I bet we still will be!), I hope we can take a short flight somewhere!


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