Kids Fashion Week 2011, Day 1

[nggallery id=3]

There was an audition.

She was asked to walk, pose, sample a dance move.

Then she got in!

Pristine was quite busy during the summer vacation, modeling for an event here in Dubai for four days. Prior to that, they had training to practice walking and one song number for each day of the fashion show.

Here’s a clip of the fashion show, featuring their dance number. Pristine is that little one on the left (at the back)!


  1. What an incredible experience for Pristine! I bet she’s going to look back on it with excitement and fond memories 🙂

    What a fun little dance number! She definitely owned it 🙂



  2. Hi Grace,.
    Your daughter did wonderful and looks beautiful. She should have been up front. I could see every time the shot went back with the camara your daughter knew what she was doing and was having a great time. Tall boy in center did’t seem to know his steps.. I bet she loved it.



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