Week 31 Woes

I just crossed Week 31 of this pregnancy and according to my anxious seven year old, it means, woo hoo 9 weeks to go! For me, it means…*still* 9 weeks to go before some of my pregnancy related problems disappear…

Woe #1 The husband *might* not be with me when I deliver this baby in October.

Something has come up for his work and he really needs to be on the other side of the world (Japan) from October 23-28. The baby’s due date swings between October 27-29. At first, I was disappointed but regained my composure and thought, this is not the first time I’ve done this so I should be ok. And even if he’s here, it’s not like he’ll be the one to huff and puff and push this baby, right?

Update: All things work for the best – the husband’s business trip was canceled.

Woe #2 Both my legs get cramps when I stand too long right now.

Before only my right leg, thighs mainly, get cramps so I have to sit down every once in a while and scale my walking routine. Walk a few meters, sit down to rest, walk again. But just a few days ago, boom! Both my legs get really tired that I have to lie down (when I’m at home) and raise them.

So I spend more time at the grocery store than usual and I really have to plan my outings time wise. If I have an appointment with you and I am late, blame my legs, not me!

Woe #3 Getting into our small Honda Jazz car is becoming challenging.

Our car is not getting smaller; I’m obviously getting bigger so a little maneuver is required so I can get behind the steering wheel properly. Yes, I am still driving.

Woe #4 Tail bone pain.

In pregnancy, increase in size of the uterus will stretch and pull on the ligaments that go from the cervix to the tailbone. (These are called uterosacral ligaments.) Then, the hinge-like weakness of the coccyx comes into play and can cause intermittent tenderness. Other websites site the previous delivery itself as being the cause of the tail bone displacement as the baby’s head passes over it.

I’ve been suffering my tail bone pain when I sit down and more so when I try to stand since June (I think). Imagine me and my face looking like hell when I try to stand. My male colleagues are getting nervous whenever I do. I am sure they have the ambulance number on their speed dials!

My prolonged sitting at work does not help at all too. I did not have it during the previous pregnancy.

Woe #5 Gotta save the best for last. I am having a toothache.

The one that kept me awake last night and limited my precious sleep time to two hours. My lower left wisdom tooth was trying to have a mind of its own and wanted to declare he’s the boss. I was in terrible pain, I took 3 Panadols in a span of 10 hours and was still in pain. I raided the kitchen looking for cloves – allegedly the best natural remedy for tooth pain.

Being pregnant is not the best time to have toothache – many dentists refuse to work on pregnant women, afraid of the risks and preterm labor. My dentist is not hesitant but the problem is, she is on leave today.  I hate to find a new dentist.  Right now, I’m not in pain and let’s pray this goes on until my appointment with her tomorrow!

Next week: Pregnancy Week 32 Belly Pics!


  1. What? No pictures today? I know how it feels to a point., You see I am very tall, and although I had big babies, I had room for them inside. My Mom is very small like you and she said I nearly did her in! I was well over 9 pounds!
    Sending gentle hugs and have Pristine or Hubby give you leg rubs. That will help!



  2. When you lay lay down, try to extend your legs upward to avoid getting craps when you are standing long. Do some stretching, it is a great help.



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