Another day, another abandoned pet

Yesterday as we were heading out for dinner, we saw a cat lying outside our building door, conveniently positioning herself near the small gap between the floor and the glass door. What a smart kitty. In this  hot weather, she found respite from that small gap where cool air from inside of the building ‘leaks’.

A stray cat – not uncommon scene here in Dubai. In fact, we have picked up a few and homed one through social media in 2009.

But by the looks of this one, we knew this was not an ordinary stray cat bred on the streets. The body is round and healthy (fat if you may put it), fur is clean and most of all, it was obviously very used to people touching it.

The cat was new on the street. If our speculation is true, this cat has just been abandoned and thrown by its owner.

Of course Pristine immediately asked if we could keep the cat, forgetting the fact that we are all allergic to fur. And that cats have the smelliest poo in the animal kingdom!


(1) I looked for the cat again this morning but I couldn’t find it.

(2) When I came home at 5pm after work, I found the cat with dirtier fur and with a hint of exhaustion in its eyes!



11 thoughts on “Another day, another abandoned pet

  1. oh thats so sad! People she take more responsibility! Makes me so mad!!She is such a pretty cat! I would take her if i was still in Dubai!

    by the way I was allergic to cats, but i have built a resistance to my Pika…. Still allergic to any other cat though! 😛


  2. I whimpered out loud after reading this 😦 I have a cat that came with us from home as I love him so much. To see other cats abandoned breaks my heart, I’d rehome them all if I could. I’m probably stating the obvious but have you tried Feline Friends? They might be able to find it a foster home at least. x


  3. Thats soo sad 😦 I just got a cat last week and he’s a hoot! He keeps me company…
    Ps this cats poop could be smelly because he’s on the wrong type of food (or was..). Cheap cat food is corn based and it makes big smelly poops vs. pet store brand.
    Some cats like outdoor life because they can catch and eat mice, squirrels, and birds to their hearts content


  4. It pains me so much to hear these stories. My kids have been begging for a cat or dog but our apartment does not allow it. My daughter is also allergic to cats. But she would much rather rescue a cat and sneeze for the rest of her life.
    We see them a lot here is Doha as well, and we just cannot understand how people could be so cruel. Perhaps if there was a law where all pet owners had to pay an annual license fee, it might deter some people from getting animals at all.

    I hope that beauty has a nice ending.


  5. This is really sad and touched my heart with pain. The kitty looks so smart. In a very relaxed and comfortable way she was having rest on the floor. I enjoyed firstly with this nice pics. But, the last incident is really painful.


    • Because I am extremely allergic to cats. I will have wheezing, difficulty breathing due to asthma if I touch it. PLUS there is only one cat shelter in Dubai and it is very crowded with abandoned cats already.


  6. That is just so sad… we have a similar problem here in the US, but not the horrible heat that you have.
    Ufortunately we have too many shelters that have to euthanize the animals that have been dropped and abadoned.


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