Elephant Sanctuary in Hua Hin

** This is a part of a series of posts about my blog trip to Thailand. **

Thai elephant

After our sumptuous lunch at the Hua Hin Vineyard, we went to an elephant sanctuary in the outskirts of the beach town of Hua Hin.

Historically elephants are revered in Thailand. But recently, in reality they are savagely broken, beaten, overworked, starved and killed in order to make tourist dollars for their mahouts (owners / trainers). They routinely get sick, get hit by cars, spend all day walking the streets exhausted and starve: the fruit which the tourists buy for them is not enough to feed them. There are several ‘elephant sanctuaries’ in Thailand to help these elephants.

Thai elephants

They are very lovely creatures. Despite their size, they look meek and their eyes look sad (at least that’s how I see them).

I really love to touch them, like how one of my companions in this trip did in this photo. I can’t even get near the elephant and used the zoom in my camera!

Thai elephants

I made my attempt(s) though. And tried hard not to look like shit pretended I wasn’t having a semi-nervous breakdown! This is the part where I wish I had elastic hands that I could extend to touch the giant elephant without getting closer to it!

Thai elephant

I was more comfortable with the baby elephant. This one’s very cute!

Thai elephants

You can’t really blame me – even I am afraid of dogs. Even chihuahua’s. I mean, mostly chihuahuas and other nasty small, overactive dogs!

Thai elephants

We left the sanctuary thinking about those lovely elephants, wishing hope and recovery for most of them and a great fulfilled life ahead!

Next up: Visiting the Mrigadayavan Palace (one of the king’s summer home)  in Hua Hin

* Photos taken using Canon EOS 550D and Canon PowerShot SD960IS


  1. Elephants are such beautiful, gentle creatures, and it’s a horrible shame they have to go through all that 😦
    Thank goodness for those who truly care about them!!



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