The best time to visit Dubai

Abra on the Dubai Creek

I have received a few emails from readers of my blog asking me, when is the best time to come visit Dubai? Is it scorching, unbelievably hot the whole year through? Can people actually walk outside in the heat?  When it comes to the weather, this is probably the travel factor that would discourage many, many travelers from coming here because of the notion that is is hot and summer-y all year round but as I repeatedly mention in this blog, IT IS NOT HOT the whole year through!

And even if it is, it shouldn’t hamper your holidays because there are so many cheap holidays to Dubai during summer! This period offers the best value for money. You might not be able to walk outside that much but lounging by the pool in the morning or dipping in the afternoon can be quite enjoyable.

Weather wise, the best time to come to Dubai and really enjoy the outdoors as much as you enjoy what’s inside the malls are in the cooler months of November to March (or even until April). There are lots to see and do here, not just the sun, shopping and modern buildings – you can go see the traditional (old) Arabic architecture down at the Bastakiya Quarters near the Dubai Creek or join a desert safari to experience the vast desert, do dune bashing, ride a camel and have dinner at a traditional Arabic Camp in the middle of the desert watching a belly dancer perform under the starry desert sky.


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