No more online naming and shaming in Dubai

First there was that grocery store that refused entry of grocers if they are men, shopping alone (and allegedly, with brown skin!). Now to continue the saga of news here in Dubai land that makes you say, “What the @$(%^!#&^!?”, it has been reported on local newspaper The National that, naming and shaming bad drivers on the internet risks jail.

This is a result after a new Twitter feed and a website invite members of the public to share details of reckless driving and bad service. The resident who launched them says they were a genuine attempt to improve standards. However, Dr. Ali Al Jarman, a lawyer and legal adviser, said:

Under the law, you can’t name and shame people. It’s a crime. No individual has the right to take a picture of people and publish it without permission, only the Government has this right.

Today, the Dubai resident behind the ‘Dubai-Name-Shame’ has scrapped his campaign and closed down his website, saying, “The law is the law – I must respect that.”

So next time you are tempted to write about bad driving, report directly to Dubai Police and not on any page or your blog (message to myself!).

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