RIP Little Hammy

That’s it! We’re not gonna have another pet again.

Our hamster died this morning and Pristine? She was inconsolable and it broke my heart. The way she cried will break any one’s heart. Imagine if that little hammy was a dog or cat. Oh my.

But I should have known this. Pristine even cried when we threw out the balcony plants when we moved out from the old apartment last year!

19 thoughts on “RIP Little Hammy

  1. Ah, but it is a part of life. A pet helps to teach a child how to cope with the death of a beloved.I know it breaks the heart to see her crying, but speak to her of Heaven or even “Rainbow Bridge” where all the animals go waiting for us.


    • That is such a sweet message, Maribeth!! and a great idea. I will explain to her..that Rainbow Bridge sounds so logical for a child.

      Thank you so much!!


  2. While I can understand your heartbreak you should be proud that she has such affection for small creatures. She has a big heart and with luck she will love and appreciate many more small creatures.


  3. Dog, cat or hamister, either way, the pain and learning about death. Which why it is suggested that a kid gets a pet so they learn about death before a person they knows dies. So I have read a few times.


  4. Yes that’s true Erika! even me if my pet died i feel hurt because pets is a life.. thanks for sharing this inspiring post..


    • Furry loss! What a description, haha. Big or small, death is death. It makes Pristine so sad. She even cried terribly when she saw Dobby the elf in Harry Potter movie died onscreen.


  5. Our little hammy past away two nights ago 😦 and on the very next day my mom’s hammy died as well. I told the boys they are having a small party in hammy heaven. They were okay with it then. Also remember our hammy lost his leg, not long after we got him. I told them, that now he has 4 legs and loving it


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