My Secret Travel Habits and Superstitions

My mother believes in so many superstitions. Some of them are so-so (not so irritating) while others make you want to roll your eyes to the ceiling and gag. I live with my mother and I hear or laugh at the superstitions frequently until I realize I have and practice some of them myself, especially when I’m traveling.

Ok, not superstitions maybe but unusual travel habits. Here’s some:

1. Bringing my pocket Bible – I had this Bible for 20 years already and while I don’t open or read it regularly, I always, always carry it in ALL of my flights. I have been on a plane for about 60 times and it was been with me always.

2. Never looking back at the terminal – My mom said, if you leave, leave, never look back or else you’ll suffer from homesickness and long for the ones left behind, people waving at you at the departure terminal.

I don’t know if this works because even if I never look back, I always miss my family when I finally board the plane without them.

3. Holding someone’s hand during take off – If I’m with a family member, I always hold their hand during take off in the hope that whatever happens, at least it was them that I held last. *knock on wood*

Pristine gets antsy whenever I do this because mostly during take off, my hands are wet with sweat. Even after so many take offs in my life.

4. Close my eyes just before landing – I don’t know if this is a habit but I realized I am either asleep during landing or deliberately close my eyes until the plane wheels touch the ground.

I also say a little prayer that those wheels come out properly and land safely. Also? Also? Sometimes I clap my hands (silently).

5. Taking Pristine’s favorite toy – When Pristine turned 6 months, my mother in-law gifted her with a small doll. We call her Lala-chan and she has been with us in all our flights after that. I feel she’s sort of a ‘lucky’ item.

Do you have a travel habit or superstition? Please share!

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  1. Honestly, I think we all have little superstitions we do, whether traveling, or cooking, or taking a test, or anything else we do. I think they are all reassuring for us 🙂

    I can’t think of anything I do at the moment, but I do know I have some!



  2. Grace you make me smile.
    I take a pocket bible with me as well. As a matter of a fact, I have it with me all the time.

    Also during take off and landing, I go through the emergency take off and landing drill while holding my breath. Thats dumb I know but I used to be a flight attendant a lifetime ago, and somehow chose to remember all the emergency drills and the not so cool things about airplanes.



  3. I’ve gotten much better, but I am kind-of scared to fly myself so I have to hold onto my hubby’s hand (I have never flown alone, the one time without him, I had both my boys with me and I held their hands). I also close my eyes during take off and landing, I LISTEN to the safety talk on every flight and I check to make sure there is a life jacket under my seat and hubby’s seat and the seat of everyone flying with me. I also make sure all of our seatbelts are nice and tight, then during landing, I have to make sure that MY brakes are being depressed as well – those are the feet of the chair in front of me – I am convinced that if I am not pushing as hard as I can on them, the pilot will not be able to stop the plane (psycho, I know)… all the while praying.
    So don’t feel bad about your mom ~ I’m crazier than she is! =)



    1. Thanks for sharing your travel habits, Lorie.

      LOL on the life jacket! My father, whenever he boards a ship always, always look for the life jacket, take it out (luckily it’s allowed on ships) and makes it his pillow! He is always ready!



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