Dubai grocery store bans entry of single men

As crazy as crazy gets however not unusual in this part of the world: A newly opened grocery store bans entry of single men.

According to Emirates 24/7 News,

Bachelors have been barred from entering a newly- inaugurated shopping centre (Union Co-op in Al Barsha) in Dubai for fear that they would misuse the massive discounts on offer.

A customer care executive of the store has this to stay about the new policy,

We found out that many of them were buying our products on offer only to resell them in at their stores at the original price. So we have decided to turn away single men from entering the hypermarket until the promotion ends.

Conclusion: Until the promotion ends, ONLY men accompanied by women allowed.

REALLY? As if these ‘single’ men can’t take a female companion and shop as usual! And what about if a man living alone (either really single or married but family is not here) wants to shop there?

I do not understand at all. If small time grocery owners are purchasing discounted products from the co-op in bulk and selling in their own stores, it does NOT harm the co-op in any way so why all this trouble?

The new store must be wanting some publicity (and I’m giving them the pleasure argh!) otherwise they could have just made a policy to limit the number of purchase per customer to avoid all the fuss.

Update: A Dubai resident tweeted,

Was pretty revolting. I walked in alone no problems, turned around, and saw two brown-skinned men being stopped by security.

Now, why am I so itching to send the husband there alone and see what happens!?

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  1. I thought that Arabic countries had forbidden laws only for women, but it seems that if you’re not married, either you are a man or a woman, is equally bad.



  2. That makes no sense, if they make money selling at a discount why do they care who buys it? So what if the store down the street re-sells it, they have to re-sell at a higher price. Someone doesn’t have a good head for maths.



  3. That is just strange. I’m with you, I would be wanting to send my husband in there alone, too, just to see what happens.
    Those poor men who were stopped by security.
    Would love a follow up on this story.



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