Moving and the office boy mentality

Sorry for the absence. It has been hectic in my world lately due to shifting of office – same building, different floor.

It’s amazing to see how much documents have accumulated and dust behind my PC monitor! Also, I found a small Lindt chocolate bar in the depths of my desk drawer, within expiry date too – that was quite a lovely surprise!

In my four and a half years in this same company, my team and I have made a move like this four times already. (So, I am keeping the boxes and plastic bags till we move again.)

There is one very unique, what you could say, custom or habit of people here (at least most of the nationalities in my office) is that they leave everything to the “office boy”. An office boy is aΒ  ‘boy or young man employed in a business office to do odd jobs and errands’.Β  I tried to carry small boxes or attempted to wipe the dust off my table, after all, it was my old table and I didn’t like the new person to see how dusty it is but my colleagues stopped me, “Oh no, no leave it, madame. The office boy will take care of that!”

I empty my own garbage basket and “Please madame, let the office boy do it!”

But it’s my garbage basket and dusty desk AND I didn’t have anything to do like them except for wait for the very busy office boy…and they all burst out laughing.

“Madame, if you continue to do that, you’ll get the office boy fired.”

It’s still weird for me for someone to do small tasks for me but it is the way here. I continue to do the small tasks and it came to the point when the office boy gave me dart looks like saying, “stop taking my job!”

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19 thoughts on “Moving and the office boy mentality

  1. In corporate companies has a well define job, and he has to stick with his attributions in order to be efficient – or i think…
    Anyway i too like to take care of my desk, it’s my little home away from home


  2. Hubby had a tent boy when he was in Vietnam. The young boy was proud to do his job and not only did he earn well, but his family also was proud! I know it’s hard to fathom.
    Pass the chocolate please!


  3. I was just joking the other day that my new job title should be office boy. Actually, I work for a small office and my duties are to sort and pick up the mail, process lots of UPS and FedEx shipments, and inventory three shelves of stock in the warehouse. There is another young woman at the office who does secretarial help such as filing, opening the mail, etc. I don’t know why it amuses me, but secretly I call myself the office boy. πŸ™‚


  4. Oh wow…I can’t imagine having someone do all those little things for me O.o

    I mean, a secretary to run errands, yes, but emptying garbage cans and dusting…It definitely is a little weird. I guess just enjoy it since it’s customary? Lol


  5. Interesting story, Grace. I think we just have to go with the flow and follow the local culture. That would be unthinkable in North America and many advanced countries and be seen as “inefficiency,” but looking at it from another perspective, it’s providing employment for the less skilled – a kind of social safety net.


    • Right on – it was what everybody says – providing employment for the less skilled, a social safety net. I’m never going to touch my garbage basket again! πŸ™‚


  6. This was interesting to read. We have maintenance staff at my job and while they do everything you talked about, they certainly don’t mind if I do it for myself.


    • There are office girls in Dubai too. All performing random errands, serving coffee and cleaning the office, much like what office boys do.


  7. That is so interesting to learn. Here in America, if anyone is willing to do somebody elses job, they are welcome to do it in most cases. =)
    Look at it this way, you got to rest, which you need while you are cooking that little one of yours. TeeHee.


  8. Thanks for such good info! Hope you don’t mind me using some of your tips. With your permission allow me to subscribe to your rss feed to keep up to date with your posts.


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