(A mom’s request) Please vote for Pristine!


The Dubai Summer Surprises, an annual shopping event here in the desert has come to its final leg of festivities. There will be a kids fashion show event called “Kids Fashion Week” and Pristine has been chosen as one of the kid models.

They will have a four day show which she really look forward to. If you’re in Dubai and free on July 28 (Thursday) until July 31 (Sunday), be sure to drop by Deira City Center from 5pm to watch the kids take the stage!

Meanwhile, there’s a Fans’ Choice Award going on for the children via Facebook. The photo of the 3 child models (there are 36 of them) with the most number of ‘Likes” will win prizes.

Of course, I’m going to request you to vote for my girl.

Why? Because she’s been working hard for this, rehearsing everyday and have been generally a good girl this year! Voting is easy, won’t take 2 minutes!

1. Go to http://facebook.com/DeiraCityCentre and click the “Like” button.

(Deira City Centre is a mall so no need to fear of spammy posts on your wall after you ‘Like’ their fan page.)

2. Click PRISTINE’S PHOTO and click the “Like”

(You can go vote for her photo by clicking on her picture above too)

That’s it!

I know she has lost a tooth and hair has been haywire after a hectic dance rehearsal for the show but I still think she deserves a vote! (I’m obviously her mother)…

Oh do please tell your friends or post in your Facebook walls as well! We will be truly grateful! Voting ends on 31st of July 2011.



  1. I’m so happy that she gets to be in the fashion show this year… she did SO well two years ago and I know she loved it.
    I voted for her just in time, sorry I’m so late, I really hope she wins, I know she deserves it.
    Hope you are feeling well. HUGS!



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