Just a quick update

This is the part where I wake up and say, “Oh yeah, I do have a blog that needs tending!”. Sorry for not writing much. I’ve been swamped with work and life in general, yet again. And this won’t be the last time.

What our desert life’s been up to these past few days?

There had been a sandstorm last week that lasted for 3 days. It’s not as worse as the sandstorm you see in the movie The Mummy but the sand in the air was enough to cover the tall buildings and make the sky really dark and ugly. It also swept off dust and fine sand up to the rims of my bra.

Today, the sky is clear again. Still no rain. Last rain feels like 100 years ago – it was in February and we won’t have rain again until November.

On the other note, I am ready for the last Harry Potter movie. I’ve been busy trying to win tickets to the premier but no luck so far. I do want to surrender but I feel with just a little harder concentration, you know, the “law of attraction” sort of thing? Those tickets will be in my hands soon.

On the home front –

I am still pregnant at almost 24 weeks. The baby is moving so much it’s amusing. It’s probably one of the best things to experience during pregnancy, the thing any woman would miss once they stop bearing babies. I just love it.

School is out and Pristine won’t be back until early September (yes, I am aware that it’s still July!). She is taking chess, handwriting and drawing classes at a nearby center twice a week. She has challenged me to play chess already and frankly, I don’t like to use my brains when I am at home, not for something like chess anyway.

Lastly, she’s been selected as one of the 25 kid models of a very popular kid store here in Dubai to be featured in a catalog and participate in fashion shows. There were more than 6000 who registered, 200 chosen as semi finalists, from there, 25 winners. Her summer vacation won’t be boring.

So what are you up to?


  1. Tending my garden, cooking our meals and tending the doggies!
    How exciting for Pristine! Modeling again!
    What does she think about the baby moving inside you? Has she felt it yet?



  2. Wow! It sounds like you ALL are quite busy O.o

    I just can’t believe how well rounded Pristine is! Chess!? I don’t know any 7 or 8 year old who likes to do that!! And of course she would be chosen to model-She’s absolutely gorgeous just like her mother 🙂



    1. I’ve been taught by my father to play chess when I reached 7. I wasn’t so keen on it but a brother of mine actually excels. I never wanted to pressure Pristine on chess (because personally I don’t like it ha!) but she is showing a lot of interest and she actually enjoys the workshops!



  3. What a horrible thing that sand storm looks like. I can’t imagine going that long without rain, I remember you taking poles last year as to when you would have the first rainfall.
    I’m so happy for Pristine that she gets to be in the fashion show again this year, she did a wonderful job two years ago. I cannot wait to see the photos.



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