Pregnancy comments overflowing

Pregnancy is not an illness!

I don’t want to weigh 100 kilos the time I deliver my baby.

I am perfectly fine and can pick up things from the floor, thank you very much.

I am cleared by my doctor to exercise and I am not crazy to overdo it.

These are the things running through my mind most of the time I am at work because lately, I’ve been really ticked with some people at the office watching every move I make, making really ridiculous comments like this is the 1800’s since the time they knew about my pregnancy.

“Why are you taking the stairs? You are pregnant, for God’s sake!!”

I was in the copier machine and dropped a piece of paper and one co-worker screamed..”Nah, ah, ah!! Don’t bend down, I’ll get the paper off the floor for you!”

The ladies have also started commenting on every dress I wear.

“That black blouse and trousers was good at hiding your bump.”

“That floral maxi dress – it’s so bad. It makes your belly look really obvious and BIG.”

Oh hey, for your info, this belly will just get bigger no matter what type of clothing I wear. It is destined to get big and I won’t be hiding it. In fact, just because you said maxi dresses is bad coz it makes my belly look big, I will wear it most days of the days and march in front of you.

And speaking of the bump – oh the contradicting statements!

“Are you supposed to be THIS big already!?”

“Why are you NOT gaining weight all over and it’s only your belly popping out?”

“Are you sure it’s not twins?”

“Fatten yourself up!!”

My baby size and weight during the last checkup I had was perfect for his fetal age. If you see my belly pics at 20 weeks, you’ll know I am not paper thin nor obese, I really don’t know where these kind of comments come from.

One co-worker even calls to give me random advices:

“DON’T EXERCISE*! Now is the golden time to let loose and eat whatever you want!!”

Apparently in the place where they come from, pregnant ladies should only move when they eat. Eat, sleep, eat, sleep. Rinse and repeat.

Is it just my crazy, raging pregnancy hormones that’s making me mad or are these comments really RUDE!?

* My exercises mostly consists of walking or doing the ellipticals, stretching and light weights. I’ve been exercising regularly prior to getting pregnant and my ob-gyn can’t see any reason why I shouldn’t continue. My pace has fairly slowed down though but I feel better if I move everyday than just be a couch potato.



  1. I actually like when people offer to pick things up for me, it hurts for me to do that (chronic pain). I’ve mastered the art of picking things up with my feet when there is no one to help 😉
    I think there are certain days when everything someone says is irritating. It’s all part of the joys of pregnancy LOL.



  2. i am about 4″9′ and my cube mate was about 5″ when she got preggie. looking at her, i started feeling better as she got bigger! i mean there is only so much space for a baby to grow. well, before she was due to go out on maternity leave she was was have to type with her arms fully extended because her tummy kept her so far from the desk!

    and you don’t look at lot taller than i.



    1. Hi, I am actually 5’4″ 🙂
      Like the previous commenter has said, there are certain days when everything someone says is irritating. It’s all part of the joys of pregnancy!



  3. I think the rudest comments come at the end.. When are you gonna pop that thing..Is it still cooking in the look like your going to burst…and a zillion other rude things.. or the ones that tell you their nightmare delivers when you didnt ask and could care less to hear them WHILE your pregnant..



  4. Um yeah, they are pretty rude! Why do people think they have the right to tell you what to do just because you’re pregnant??? And I’m pretty sure most doctors would encourage you to continue exercising, especially as you had already been doing it, to keep yourself healthy. I’ve heard that exercising can help labor go better and you recover faster. Who wouldn’t want that???



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