End of another school year

Another school year has passed. Didn’t the school year just started a few days ago? I certainly feel that way!

I look back at the almost 200 days of Pristine going to school since September 2010. It’s been fairly a smooth year with minimal sick days, our girl is getting healthier as she gets bigger in time. The frequent missing out on school days during the past years seems like a far memory, somewhere that it’s hard to remember.

But it did happen. The almost weekly cough and colds the year she first entered daycare in Japan, the fevers, the constant hospitalization (also in Japan) that once got me fired from my job not too long ago…the adjustments (including language!) she made here in an all new school environment in Dubai. Pristine has really gone a long way. And I am extremely proud of her.

Tomorrow, she’ll be walking on the stage with an award – I don’t know what, it’s a surprise for us parents according to the teacher. Whatever it is, she is always a winner in our hearts and either way, I’m going to the awards ceremony with a hankie in one hand, another hand squeezing my husband’s hand telling him, “we made it another year”.


  1. Congratulations on the award Pristine! and of course you and hubby deserve an award as well for a job well done. We’ll be starting school this year and I’m sure to shed some tears.



  2. Congratulations to another happy and healthy year for Pristine! I had no idea that you had such an issue with her health at the beginning O.o

    I’m so glad she’s come a long way! And with an award, too! I have no doubt you guys are happy and oh-so proud of her 🙂



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