Modhesh and Dubai Summer Surprises is back

I was in Deira City Center a couple of days ago to pick up a prize I won from a Twitter contest sponsored by Virgin Megastore. There I saw Modhesh – that yellow clad character in the photo.

Four years ago when we were new to Dubai, I could not answer my daughter when she asked, what exactly is Modhesh – with that face like one of the Smileys, those blue and yellow strips of…horns? antennas? on its head and the worm like body.

Well, Modhesh is nothing but a character like that of jack in the box…so the springy body(?) He’s the character symbolizing the Dubai Summer Surprises, an annual event featuring 40 days of family entertainment and great (I really mean GREAT) shopping deals.

Dubai Summer Surprises will start tomorrow, 22nd June 2011.

My sister who is very new to Dubai is excited at the huge “SALE” posters at the malls while here I am 5 Dubai Summer Surprises later, only had one thought in mind: the husband working until late nights on some of his shifts to cater to late night shoppers in the retail world he works.

By the way, I won a Zumba Fitness Total Body Transformation System DVD Set which made me squeal in delight. I love Zumba and I may never have to rely on sometimes grainy YouTube zumba videos from now on. Thank you so much, Virgin Megastore!!



  1. I think I remember you mentioning this Dubai event last year-I get modhesh’s symbolism. Like you mentioned, with a jack in the box, you crank the lever several times before it POPS out and surprises you {or scares the bajezzus out of you LOL}.

    Congratulations on winning a zumba DVD! That sounds like so much fun 🙂



  2. OMG, that’s Modesh? LOL! I kept reading about it on EW and wondering who everyone’s talking about ….lol. Feel so silly now 🙂

    The year ending is just another sign that kids grow up way too early. Mine is just 3 months old, and I cannot believe how soon time is flying!



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