Is it early to talk about maternity leave?

Since I’ve passed the halfway mark in my pregnancy at 20 weeks, I’ve decided to tell the boss about it. He was like, whoa, you were pregnant all these days!? I didn’t even notice! Well sir, that’s that I’ve not been falling ill and absent due to this pregnancy and have been going through my duties like a normal, non-pregnant lady so let’s talk about my maternity leave in October.

I don’t know about the maternity leave from where you are but in my company, the ladies are eligible for 90 days, ridiculously split into:

  • 45 days of paid leave
  • 45 days of unpaid leave

Now there’s something about the word “unpaid” that doesn’t sound right. Since I have 30 days of paid vacation leave every year and I did NOT go for vacation last year, I am eligible for 60 days of paid vacation leave by the time I deliver the baby in October.

So I proposed: 45 days of standard paid maternity leave PLUS 45 days of paid leave taken from my 60 days. Total of 90 short days with my new babe. I am sure I’d be heartbroken and emotional once I go back to work!

Then the boss said.

“You mean to say you’d be gone for THREE whole months!?”

To which I wanted to ask him back: “Do you know how little and helpless an infant is even at three months after birth?”

Boss: “Coz you know, if I could do away without a person for three months, it usually means I could do away without him/her forever.”


But hey – I am surprised how many people in the company disappear for 3 months to go back to their home countries to get married and go for honeymoon. And it’s perfectly ok.

Since when did taking care of a new baby less important than, uhm, making babies!?

After much discussion though, he decided to give me my 90 days and even helped explain to the HR. He was in a friendly mood when he broke the news about my ‘vacation’. But like any other new moms (or mom-again to be), it’s a tricky situation. What defense do I have if he decides to ditch me before my ‘vacation’ ends? Believe me, this has happened to so many women, not just here!

If you are a working mom, tell me, how many days of maternity leave did you have?

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15 thoughts on “Is it early to talk about maternity leave?

  1. with my current job, it’s also 45 days paid leave and I need to go back to work right after. I hope your boss won’t do any nasty thing even before, during and after your leave sched. Thanks for this post, you did give me an idea for next year 😉


  2. Here you get 12 weeks paid by law, and your employer is forbidden to fire you afterwards. After that first 12 weeks you’re entitled to up to 12 more unpaid and they have to hold your job for you. You can stretch it to as long as a year but at that point they only have to hold “a” job open for you, not necessarily yours (and not necessarily at the same level, if they wanted to be jerks they could bring you back as the tea lady). In practice though, a very long leave (more than 6 months) isn’t taken without prior agreement with your boss. Most women take 4-5 months off.


    • 12 weeks with pay already sounds good enough. Here, it’s only 45 days.

      I will get 90 days (12 weeks) leave and God knows how I will manage when I work back since I really plan to breastfeed full time. I need to pump and store and then go home a couple of times to get that goal.


  3. Oh dear. You know I think many male dominated countries, where women are not thought too much of, don’t appreciate the bond between mother and child.
    I hope it will work out well, and that you will have a as much time as possible with your new son!


  4. Wow! Here in Canada you get a year of paid leave! Its not quite your whole pay…usually its 55% of your regular pay, up to a limit of salary (just like employment insurance when you run out of work). If you work for a good company or the government, they top you up to 93% of your salary for a year. And they are not allowed to fire you…sometimes the company decides to cut your position so you have nothing to go back to, but if that happens you can fight it with your union. We also have parental leave, but its 12 months for the couple, so the father can take 6 months too and do it together or one after another.
    Even with our long maternity leave (in the USA its crazy short!) lots of ppl take longer unpaid leave, or one spouse stays home and the other takes leave. Some european countries (like France) have it even better than us!
    I hope you enjoy your 90 days…Is your mother still staying with you?


  5. In my country it’s two years. Yes, I know you hate me, but don’t get too angry, the pay is only $300. However, if you stay only 1 year, then you get 85% of your normal salary.


  6. Wow…That’s a tough situation to be in. You’d think companies would have more of an understanding with these type of situations, and it really is a shame they aren’t.

    I wish you nothing but the best Grace, and hope it all works out for you 🙂


  7. In the US there is no consensus on maternity leave. It’s up to the company and ranges from 0 to a few weeks, if anything. If there is any leave it is typically unpaid. If someone takes off long enough, they are usually replaced. I took a year off. I’m self employed so that meant no pay 😦
    Get a good breast pump and freeze as much as you can.


  8. What a horrible thing for your boss to say about your 3 month leave… I was thinking of that guy who went on his honeymoon and then “lost” his passport while you did all the work.
    I sure hope you can work everything out financially. I know you will adore being home with your little boy.


  9. Yes, like Lorie, I was thinking of the guy who “lost” his passport when he went to get married. Lame. And doubly lame of the boss to say that.
    Like someone else mentioned it totally depends on your company here. Also lame. I was only a substitute when I had Cory and there were only less than 3 months left of the school year anyway so I didn’t go back. Then because I didn’t have a job already I didn’t want to leave a 5 month old and try to find a new job. Now we’re struggling on one income, but I can’t imagine shipping my babies off to daycare everyday. You are very lucky that your mom lives with you!


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