Week 20 Belly Pictures

Four weeks have passed since I first posted belly pics at Week 16. I am now on my 20th week of pregnancy. Wow, I’m halfway down the pregnancy lane. Has it been this long already?

*That “It’s a boy!” scribbling on the wall is just one of the very many Pristine has made ON PAPER (not on the wall itself) and pasted ALL OVER the house!!

From the front, I think I look really huge now.

Pristine asked me, 20 weeks!? It’s been there for 20 weeks!? I thought you just had it a few days ago!

I can’t imagine if this only happened a few days ago and already this big. I will be doomed or have exploded by the time my due date comes in October, don’t you think?

Photos with my face included (unlike Week 16 no face belly pics) was suggested by my friend, fellow mommy Charlotte of Life’s A Charm.

Blame my shamelessness and belly flaunting to pregnancy hormones. Hope to post again on Week 24!

BTW, so glad I found this:

Looking forward to other moms rocking their baby bumps!


  1. Love the belly shots with your head on it! The photo just doesn’t look complete without the head, I think. And why hide your face? You are beautiful! Looking forward to Week-24.

    Glad that your pregnancy is going well! Take care!



  2. You and your little boy look beautiful… I think you also look so happy! I love how Pristine was surprised that her little brother has been there for 20 weeks and she’s only known about it for a few days.
    Praying the next 20 weeks go quickly and healthily.
    Hugs to you all!



    1. Thanks Lorie, I do like myself when I am pregnant even with a huge load in front!
      But at random times lately, I find myself easy to get angry, cranky..they say it’s coz I’m carrying a boy?
      I don’t know but I was not like this when I was pregnant with Pristine.



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