Pristine reacts to the baby news

Everyone had been curious to know about Pristine’s reaction to my pregnancy. Last Monday, I was the first to know.


That would be the perfect word to describe Pristine’s reaction to the baby news. I’ve always known she’s quite sensitive, emotional and dramatic but not this dramatic!

First, the anticipation of what’s going to happen.

(Sorry for the poor lighting – it was really dark inside and my sister’s random comments in our language)

The moment she knew:

Pristine was so surprised but I was more surprised looking at her.

It’s so different from my reaction to my mom’s pregnancies years ago. You see, after my second brother was born (I have 4 younger brothers and one younger sister), I cried at each pregnancy announcement my mom made. Not because of joy but because of sadness. I didn’t want more siblings! I thought with two brothers, our house was already full and I was already getting a small share of everything.

Of course that didn’t stop my mother from further giving birth to three more children!

Pristine on the other hand, welcomed the baby news with a very big heart. She could not contain her excitement, tears of joy had been shed.

The sonographer was so amused with her and prolonged my ultrasound session to 30 minutes so we got to watch the baby on the monitor showing different movements. The baby was yawning, stretching arms and legs, covering face with one hand and just generally squirmy inside! Pristine was so fascinated at the little one inside me.

And here is Pristine calling grandma, telling her the big news!

She kept on telling to my mom, “Don’t tell papa!” thinking her dad doesn’t know of the pregnancy yet! She wants to surprise him!

Oh and if you missed some parts of Pristine’s nerve wrecking conversation with grandma, we are having a boy!


    1. Oh how she made a huge broadcast at school!! Grabee super excited talaga siya, she can’t get enough of my tummy every day, every night..talks to it, reads books, sings, hahaha

      and then she starts – “can we make it a little quicker?” (referring to the due date)



  1. Awwww! I’m bawling my eyes out just watching HER cry! That is the most precious thing ever πŸ™‚

    I’m so happy that you are all so happy!!



    1. Oh Beth, she’ll be an awesome big sister I am sure! Maybe more mommy than me!
      Hey, you have two boys – I might need lots of advices from you soon!



    1. Yeah baby boy – you got what you wished for me! Now, my turn to wish you for a girl πŸ™‚
      P is so dramatic, I mean I know she is very sensitive and emotional but not like this! She spent the whole day like it was the best day of her life!!



  2. pristine dear, your such a precious daughter to your mom and dad and most awesome sister to the new baby brother! so happy for you ate G, one boy one girl! galing gawa hihihi..



    1. And she spent the whole day like it’s the best day of her life!! Wrote “It’s a boy!!” in stationeries and stickers and pasted it in our walls, all over the apartment!



  3. Thank you SO much for sharing this with me! I am SO happy for you all and Pristines different expressions were just so precious that I was in tears as well.
    When I saw her face when she heard the baby’s heartbeat I just about lost my breath. Then I heard her talking on the phone to your mom and caught her say boy and got more excited.
    How absolutely wonderful for you, I am sure he is going to be just as beautiful and sweet as Pristine.
    All my love and prayers. HUGS!!



  4. please please please issue a tissue required warning next time!!!!

    Pristine is absolutely gorgeous in the clips. i loved the way she reacted to the news and the subsequent conversation with her grandma. Does Papa know now? teehee!

    I am so very happy for you and the family and look forward to reading about every step of your pregnancy.

    Bless Pristine – she must be so excited!

    Take care my friend, txxxxx



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