Pregnancy Week 18

A friend of mine once said, the problem with pregnancy is that everything in your body gets big EXCEPT your bladder. How true it is! Right now, I get up at about 2 times during the night to pee. Of course I know that the best times are yet to come when that would increase to 3-4 times. It is tiring and I feel I’ve been robbed off precious sleep then I slap myself back to my senses and tell myself, “wait till the little one comes!”. Then it will be more sleepless nights for me.

Waking up a few times at night might be one of God’s little trick to prepare a mom for the days to come. Well done, God.

I am on my 18th week of pregnancy and I’ve noticed people at the office starting to suspect. I haven’t announced it (even my boss doesn’t know yet) but some of the male colleagues are asking my close female co-worker if I am indeed carrying. They have not asked me personally though although if asked, I would not deny it.

I’m feeling little flutters here and there at random times which makes me happy to know that the baby is doing well inside. I was a bit anxious since I do not have those typical pregnancy symptoms at all. Let’s say, except for the weight gain and slowly protruding belly, I do not feel pregnant at all. I am excited for the strong kicks soon.

By the way, Pristine doesn’t know yet but she will – in two days!! I have an important appointment at the big hospital on Monday for the anatomy scan and possibly gender scan and I plan to take her. My sister is here (a blog post about that later) and I’ve asked her to video the whole Pristine reaction thing.

Pristine could either giggle…

or freak out with excitement…

I don’t really know! There had been times when her face says, “I really don’t know how to go about this, mom!” when presented with a baby (my friend’s).

I have planned for a more different pregnancy announcement earlier and ordered the  shirt above from the US last March. This is the back design:

Photo credit

Lovely, yeah? And Pristine would have loved it but guess what? It never came. It seems to be lost somewhere in the post office – the first time it ever happened in my four years in Dubai. Of all the parcels!

I’ll be back to report next week how Pristine takes the whole big sister thing. This should be exciting.


  1. I cannot WAIT to see the video of Pristine’s reaction. That is so exciting… it will be just like being there with you. I pray that all goes well with your test.
    I LOVE that adorable t-shirt and I know that Pristine will, too. =)



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