Update on Papa’s traffic case

An update regarding my father’s accident case…

I got a call from Rashidiya Police Station regarding the status of my father’s case. He was a victim of hit and run while in Dubai for a visit last February.

“We have finished the investigation. Take your file number: xxxx/xxxx.”

“When can your father appear in court?”

The thing is – my father has gone back to the Philippines as he was here for visit and his visa was for 30 days only. I have told them that before when I requested them to speed up the investigation before my father heads home.

Right after I said that my father is no longer in Dubai and is back in his home country, the police officer’s voice toned down, weakened as if giving up. He asked me if it’s possible for my father to come to Dubai as soon as he can but no, that is not possible. (But I could represent him, if possible.)

There are visa issues, not to mention travel issues that would mean money and time. And what guarantee do we have that they’ll contact us while he is here? Visit visas only last 3 months maximum. It took them almost 2 months to contact me about the case being officially filed despite several witness accounts including the exact number of the car plate.

It’s been three weeks since I got that phone call and Dubai Court has not called me yet. I called the police station again and they’ve asked me to go there. Why can’t they just discuss it on the phone!?

Though my father survived the accident, he is not completely unscathed. He needs physical (and mental) therapy, his movements are limited now and he is not even back to playing tennis yet. And we don’t know if he will be capable of playing again. We want to pursue the case so the driver will be prosecuted as he deserves over reckless imprudence and leaving the crime scene, hitting a pedestrian and leaving him for dead – thank God for good Samaritans who called the ambulance and took down the car plate number of the culprit.

I feel like I’m facing a dead end now. Why do I feel they’ve let the criminal go just because the victim is no longer here?

14 thoughts on “Update on Papa’s traffic case

  1. When I was mugged in Miami, Florida, the thief beat me so badly, but I fell on my purse and he did not get the bag. The police gave me a number to my case, but they never pursued it!


  2. I am glad your dad is safe and in good health after this accident. Living in Dubai for 9 years now, one sees all sorts of hit and run accidents where people get killed and the doer is never found. Not that this makes what happened right, it just makes you see the brighter side 🙂


  3. Keep calling and don’t give up..and go on if you have to…. It might be your only way to get an answer.

    Good luck! Don’t let The Perp get away with it…as is quite often the case in Dubai…


  4. Aw Grace, I’m so sorry to hear about this frustration-Sometimes justice is so HARD to attain! Especially when situations like these arise and it seems like there are no possible solutions.

    I REALLY hope that you can work something out and people actually start working with you!

    And of course I continue to keep your dad in my thoughts for a full and speedy recovery 🙂


  5. I understand your frustration. I am now here in in Doha and seriously, I find cab drivers here so reckless and with no disregard for passenger safety. I’m always at edge in my seat, hugging tight to my toddler, hanging for dear life, praying to God to guide us whenever we ride those scary cabs.


  6. *bear with me this is long*
    Even if they’re still here it would take you like forever to see some hope. My cousin had been harassed by a a taxi driver last week. She waited in this mall for 20 or so mins just to ride a cab. She’s living near Jebel Ali and this patan driver asked him how to get there but I think her mistake was she had been lax while riding (earphones as soon as she told him where to head) and she didn’t noticed that she’s been asked several times and when the time she heard that she’s being asked- the driver’s already shouting and shouting on her face he told her that he don’t want to send her to the designated place anymore and asked her to go down in the middle of the road. Of course she refused- after waiting so much time and then just because he’s not in his good mood he just abruptly does not want to drop her. Guess what that (I dunno what to call those kinds-uneducated if you may) he went down and grabbed my cousin my her arm and made her go out while screaming ,”GET OUT OF MY (yes my!) CAR!!” and she even told me that this thing (coz I really don’t know what to call those kinds) even want to punch her or something and she’s left I just in the middle of somewhere, feeling scared nervous and shaking. She said that he even screamed that he don’t want to drop or talk to anyone and she can just tell the police (yes, like for all he freaking care). Yes of course she was able to get the plate number, and she reported the incident the next day, but guess what up until now there’s no call from them. She even had medical because she has black bruises on her arm. Why can’t they just get him from the time she reported (I believe she reported in the morning the day after). No wonder animals like him does not even care if they’re be reported- they can easily get away with anything bad they do, tsk, tsk… this is really sad. I just hope, soon, things will turn in favor of us.


    • What a story!! This even deserves a spot in Gulf News! I don’t know why the driver was so confident in harassing her when he knows that your cousin had seen his face and will probably report to the police with the complete details of the car number, etc.

      I really hope something has to be done because this driver will do it again! I’m shivering at the thought!!


    • it is not a really disturbing case to be on a priority list for the Police. Has she contacted the taxi company?
      It is more of a civil case and she will probably need to sue him. The person did not intend to harm the lady, his intention was to remove her from the car.


  7. well they need to have a witness to win the case. If there is at least one witness they can accuse the guy, but if there is you and a declaration it is not going to be sufficient.
    Only if the acused admits to his deed there is a chance but i assure you that once he will talk to a lawier he will say no.
    If it is penal the police may bring forth evidence such as damage to the car (i bet he fixed it 3 days later) or other things. You have other witnesses of the accident and they may cooperate.
    Make no mistake, this is a penal case and the guy goes to jail


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