Dental problems, at this age

Pristine has gotten most of her DNA composition from her father, as most oldest children do. People around would think that she’s more of her father’s daughter than mine. Heck, I’ve been mistaken for her nanny countless of times.

I have since made peace with that and stopped trying to kill people asking me questions like, “Where’s Pristine’s mom?” when they are actually in front of me.

Let’s see, Pristine has his dad’s eyes (not entirely but definitely not mine!), her color is a mix of both, most of her behavior she got from her dad. Her flat stomach(!) despite having a great appetite and loving and eating sometimes more than I do! She got the coveted ‘skinny genes’.

One thing I was hoping she’d get from her dad is dental health. You see, M has complete set of teeth. He’s going to be 35, a year older than me but still got all of his teeth intact while I’ve already lost 4. And get this: he doesn’t know how a toothache feels. Yet, not ever, maybe never.

How’s that for a great life bonus?

Sadly, Pristine’s teeth had been sensitive and vulnerable and she has been to the dentist for treatments at this young age (7).  First time was when she was 5. She brushes her teeth regularly and religiously but this morning, I got another shocking fact: we need to go the the dentist again as her upper molar tooth is hurting.

So unlucky she didn’t get those sturdy pieces of pearly whites and healthy gums from her father! Have to note though that even if she got the bad dental health from me, she got her father’s courage and pain tolerance! She didn’t make a fuss at the clinic and was declared “the most well behaved child on the dentist chair”.

What is that one thing you hope(d) your children would inherit from your spouse?

*Above photos were taken on her first trip to the dentist in Japan during our vacation in 2008.

13 thoughts on “Dental problems, at this age

  1. His brains. Not that I am not smart, but I really struggled in school, and it was so easy for him and he was very motivated.
    Happily, she is just like him. Very smart and very motivated!


  2. So sorry about that. But actually you should consider taking her to have her teeth cleaned every 6 months. Definitely by this age. Here they recommend starting as soon as they have teeth. Although we’re not that vigilant Cory’s already been at 3 and will go again soon. You could also talk to the dentist about sealants. Depending on where her teeth are the most fragile they do sealants on the chewing surface that can prevent food from getting stuck way down in the grooves. Saves you a lot in the long run! 🙂


  3. Wow, I sympathize because I was the same way when I was her age. Totally agree with getting teeth cleaned by a hygenist twice a year and flossing 🙂


  4. Sorry that P has to experience all this dental stuffs. I too would like my boys to take after their Daddy when it comes to dental issues, and don’t have a way to tell that yet. In the meantime, I am trying HARD to instill great dental hygiene habits that I didn’t have when I was growing up.


  5. Wow! I know how hard it is going to the dentist as an adult, so I can’t imagine being a child her age and going to the dentist >.<

    It sounds like she's quite the trooper!

    Hope things turn out well for Pristine and her teeth 🙂


  6. Is it common not to have all your teeth? Or is it just a problem you have been battling with? I’m just wondering since I don’t actually know anyone who doesn’t have all their teeth.

    poor kiddo. I’m so scared of a dentist and she looks so very brave


    • In the Philippines, dentists readily extract the tooth and not care so much about having root canal to save the tooth. 😦

      I lost 4 when I reached 20 (all molars). Had to have implants and bridges so my other teeth will not move and create a gap between them!


  7. We’re expecting a baby girl at the end of May and I really hope she’ll get her father’s teeth just like you did!!! I’m having so many dental problems!! and of course it all got worse during the pregnancy….
    Good luck to Pristine and my upcoming girl 🙂


  8. My daughter has inherited my husbands great vision. I’m afraid my son will have my poor eyesight. As for their teeth, they are doomed: both my husband and I have several cavities.

    My son especially fights us when we brush his teeth. I really want to make sure we take great care of his teeth, but he is so resistive. I’ve found some helpful information on this Mom?s Guide to caring for little teeth, if you want to check it out.


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