The life of an expat blogger

A title like I’m going to write a serious business type of blog post. Right. Just want to emphasize that because I do blog during my spare time at work (lunch break, a few minutes after work or when the boss in not looking ssshhh) there will be time that blogging will take a back seat because of work.

Hard to accept but true.

I’ve been swamped with work lately because a colleague will be going to India for vacation. I need to take up most of his work load, on top of what’s already in mine. I’ve been going crazy learning new things before he leaves. Then sommersault my way around the new tasks when he’s gone.

For thirty days.

For my new readers and subscribers (thanks to UBP 2011), expats in Dubai have 30 days of paid vacation per year with return tickets to our home country.

So were looking at myself – having a terrible toothache at the moment, carpal tunnel syndrome because of huge paper work and a broken heart from not being able to blog more than I would want to. Writing ideas come out of the blue in the middle of the night and I promise myself to wake up earlier and blog. Alas, no sort of stunt like that has happened.


I just hope this colleague is smart enough not to lose his passport while there.

While there’s not much to talk about from my side, do share what’s happening in your life. Any interesting things going on?


  1. I find it difficult to start a new life in a new country, mainly because I’ll live my family behind. Although I’m thinking about such a step, currently there aren’t many jobs available.

    In the mean time I’m preparing to buy a house all by myself. However exciting this may sound, I can’t stop feeling scared.



  2. I was just thinking about you yesterday, how your posts were seeming like they had been written before (since I know those things happened awhile ago!)and I wondered if you were super busy! I wish we could chat soon, but we’re trying to be responsible adults and get to bed earlier over here so I don’t know if that will happen. 🙂



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