Flight delay turned to bliss

Grace and JayI got a call from a local number last week and I answered the phone thinking it would be the bank or my insurance company or some random credit card sales person. Little did I know I was in for a very big surprise!

It was my brother stationed in Norway who’s now in Dubai – inside a mall, just 15 minutes away from where I work!

Of course I immediately scuttled out of the office telling everyone I have an emergency because yes, seeing my brother by chance after almost three years is an emergency. No one should argue with that!

I picked him up from the mall and brought him home. My mother and Pristine is home and I didn’t tell them I am coming, bringing along the surprise guest with me. My brother Jay and I did a lot of catching up while in the car – I almost couldn’t wait for him to finish his talk before I ask another question again and again and again. Three years (being away) was long.

When we arrived at the apartment, it was silent when I opened the door. No one was there. I called up my mom who was in one of our neighbor’s house.

Me: “Ma, I came home. Where are you?”

Mama: “What’s the matter? Is everything alright? Why did you come home?”

Me: “You see, there was this man I saw…oh just come back home and I will tell you later!”

Mama: “Ok ,ok, wait there! I’ll be up in 5 minutes!”

I heard my mom hurriedly walking towards our front door. I hid my brother in the kitchen.

Mama: “So, what happened? Why did you come home so suddenly, it’s just 3 pm!”

Me: “I’m out of breath, let’s go to the kitchen and get some water…”

My mom lead the way and when she opened the kitchen door, and saw her son (one of herfour sons) whom she has not seen in three years…

She screamed.

She cried.

She jumped.

And she hugged him so tightly!

It was an unexpected, unplanned reunion. And those kind of reunions are the best and the happiest. My mom couldn’t stop smiling.

mama Jay and Pristine

We are grateful for Emirates Airlines who gave him immediate transit visa to Dubai due to two delayed flights. At least we got to see him this time, not a case of too close yet so far.


  1. What a fabulous surprise and definitely and emergency for sure! He is quite a handsome young man and has a beautiful smile. I’m so glad that you all got to visit with him this time. How long does he get to stay? I hope it is for more than the one day.
    Pristine looks very happy to see him and I love the way you described the first look at him by your mother.
    Thank you for sharing. =)



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