Four Points by Sheraton, Bangkok

4 Points Sheraton Sukhumvit

On our first night in Bangkok, we stayed at the newly opened Four Points by Sheraton in Sukhumvit Road, in the middle of the very busy capital city. Amazingly, despite being located near the busy roads, sleep was not a problem.

The hotel opened in December 2010 so the place is smelling really new, the sheets were fresh and the carpets didn’t stink! Everything is in mint condition. And for a two months old hotel (I was there in February), the staff were properly trained and service was good overall.

I like the wide, open lobby with chic and modern colors plus they play nice music inside the elevators.

4 Points Sheraton Sukhumvit

The room is big enough for 1 person and the bathroom is a winner! I am not that picky with hotels but I am particular with the bathrooms. I love how the shower and the bath tub are separate from each other in this hotel. After living in Japan, I prefer the shower and the tub separate as it is more hygienic plus there’s no waiting time to fill the tub.

Also, the wall near the tub is a sliding door so slide it and voila, you can watch TV while soaking in the hot tub. Yes? Yes?

4 Points Sheraton Sukhumvit

Four Points by Sheraton, I see so many happy guests in your future.

My only ‘little’ disappointment with the hotel was the absence of FREE WiFi access inside the rooms. High Speed Internet Access in Guest Rooms by Request THB 450 per day (US$15). WiFi access is available, however, for free at the hotel ground floor lobby. I didn’t want to pay nor spend time in my pajamas in the hotel lobby late at night blogging so I instead hit the showers and watched TV on my stay there.

Still it would have been more awesome if internet if free in all the rooms.

And because of the lack of time, I wasn’t able to use the pool at all. Ah, shame it was so inviting!

4 Points Sheraton Sukhumvit

Overall, it’s still a great hotel so on your next trip to Bangkok, do remember:

Hotel name: Four Points by Sheraton
Location: Only 5 minutes away from the Sky Train Asok Station so no need to sit on Bangkok’s traffic!

6 thoughts on “Four Points by Sheraton, Bangkok

  1. Wow, that place looks gorgeous! Believe it or not, I’ve never stayed in a place that had a separate shower and bathtub/jacuzzi-I can tell you though, I’d prefer that A LOT better!

    It looks and sounds like regardless of the non-free WiFi, you had a wonderful time 🙂


  2. What a beautiful hotel and the pool is gorgeous – I would definitely have found time to use it.
    I agree with the wifi in the room, what a bummer. Who wants to head down to the lobby at 2 in the morning to work on your blog in your jammies to blog? HaHa


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