Bakugan House

There’s this unique house near where we live that resembles a Bakugan toy. In case you don’t know, Bakugan toys are round pieces of plastic that transform into something else. It comes originally from Japan. It looks like this:


Photo credit

Then it transforms into robot-like stuff like this:


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So back to the unique house on the side of a main Dubai road.

bakugan house Dubai

I am intrigued how it would look like inside!

I thought Dubai’s fad for unique (sometimes weird) shaped buildings are only recent but this house doesn’t look new. I wonder if it transforms into something else when no one’s looking?

9 thoughts on “Bakugan House

  1. Those toys look similar to American Transformers except Transformers aren’t little balls-They’re pretty neat though!

    And that house is just GORGEOUS! I’m such a sucker for weird and outlandish architecture 🙂

    Always amazes me!


  2. I know about bakugan, because I know that my nephew is crazy about them.

    Now about the house, from what I see something is already happening, the transforming is beginning (look at the windows 😛 )


  3. I knew you were talking about this house from the bakugan’s 1st picture. always been wanting to take a photo of it. I think it’s a twin house right? and just like you, I’m so intrigued of what’s inside 😉


  4. Who knows your hunch might be right 🙂 it might turn into something when the bell rung 🙂

    My sons imagination would wonder as well when he sees a building like that since he’s also a bakugan addict.


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