Stretch that cooler mornings and afternoons!

P walking on beach

It’s already April and we’re bracing the arrival of the hot and humid summer months. Summer has been making its presence felt during noon time when temperatures reach as high as 35C (95F) but the mornings and late afternoons/nights are still cool, even sometimes cold enough to make us chill if we’re only wearing a t-shirt.

The sand on the beach won’t scorch the heels of our feet yet so we’re taking advantage of that right now. The breeze is cool and fresh and if one is under the shade, a 35C temperature in the beach is not bad at all.

Pristine has a 2 hour abacus class on Friday afternoons (4-6pm). I drop her off then I go to the park to walk/jog/exercise. It’s been a great routine – I don’t know how long I can keep doing this until it’s too hot to just stand outside. So thank you Dubai weather for stretching the cooler mornings and nights. We highly appreciate it!

How’s the weather at where you are?


  1. It sounds like you’re making the most of the nice weather while it lasts! That’s very inspiring Grace 🙂

    The weather here is just plain wonky-I kid you not, one day I was sitting outside in the beautiful, sunshine 69+ degree weather, the next it’s actually snowing. SNOWING!

    I just hope it starts settling down soon o.O



  2. Ah, seriously wish it was beach weather here! Only about 50 degrees in the afternoon and this week it’s been sooo windy. Like crazy messed up hair windy. Not so fun for being outside. 😦



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