Bachelors in Dubai

bachelor accomodation

Photo from msnbc

The word “Bachelor” doesn’t come with glamor and image of those spunky men active in the dating scene here in Dubai. There’s no fun, exotic and exciting dates for them here,  only stigma.

From the dictionary, the definition of a bachelor means “an unmarried man” – albeit, regardless of nationality. But in Dubai, the definition of a bachelor is someone single or married but living here alone (family is back home).

But Dubai Municipality adds,

All single men and women, whether married or unmarried, comprise the category of ‘bachelors’.

This probably describes nearly every western expatriate living in Dubai without a family. There is a stigma of being a bachelor in Dubai but what is puzzling is that it only applies to those who are from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and other countries in the sub-continent.

The stigma ranges from not being allowed to live in villas, being evicted from it and now, residents of Discovery Gardens, one of Dubai’s residential communities are complaining of the growing number of bachelors living in the area and said it is “damaging” the image of the community! And that the residents don’t feel safe with bachelors roaming around because they stare.

(With the rents going down, many hotels and companies have housed their employees in residential communities such as International City and Discovery Gardens.)

Discovery Gardens has lots of studio type and single bedroom flats, accommodation style that would suit a single person. If bachelors are banned from living in these kind of communities, where will they go?

Soon Dubai Municipality will have a crackdown to evict these bachelors but are housing plans being made for them? No. Can Dubai survive without the lowly work force majority of which are bachelors? No.

Both sides are important – the needs of the bachelors and these expat families so be fair, Dubai. Build a community suitable for these bachelors before you throw them out off a community like animals.


  1. Well said! I totally agree. Dubai benefits from this low paid labor force. It is really obnoxious that they make it hard for them to find a decent place to live.



  2. Agreed, but there has to be some happy medium. The true problem here is that companies exploit them men to such a degree, shoving them into studios where 10 of them sleep (if they’re lucky). They also have so few places to go and relax in the little free time they have. So what do they do for entertainment? Walk in public places and stares. Mothers begin to worry. Are large groups of men who do stare a danger to my child? Me? I know someone who was attacked in her stairwell of Discovery Gardens. So are these fears completely unfounded?

    Blogged about this a while back, myself:



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