Jaywalking and Foot bridges in Dubai: What’s it Like?

no jaywalking

Lately there had been so many people caught and penalized for crossing in non-designated areas all over Dubai. Police officers, sometimes in plain clothes, sometimes in hiding catch pedestrians and confiscate their ID (mostly Labor Card) to be later redeemed at the police station for a fine of 200 dhs (US$55).

This catch and fine stuff would be reasonable if only there are ample pedestrian lanes in the roads here. If the road structure had been more pedestrian friendly! Sometimes one has to walk for at least a kilometer to be able to cross the street properly!

There’s a road near to where I live where people getting off the bus had to walk far to cross the street that no one bothers. Who will bother walking all the way to the next traffic signal (where the pedestrian lane is) during the hideously hot summer months?

Pedestrians cross the very busy street like they’ve got death wishes written all over them on a daily basis. I always end up standing on the other side of the street for so long until I know it’s clear to cross. Thankfully, an overpass (foot bridge) was built.

foot bridge

foot bridge

Never mind that we have to tackle these flight of stairs:

foot bridge stairs foot bridge stairs

The elevators had been installed but for some crazy reason, it is not operating at all. But no further complaints. This is better than the worst that can happen on Dubai roads!


  1. When I had an accident in Dubai (it was near the Trade Centre), the police man (yes the cops) stopped on the other side of the street, RAN through 4 lanes of Sheikh Zayed high way to my side, got my papers, ran back across, and then again ran back with my accident report.

    All because they had stopped on the other side and did not want to drive around.

    My wife and I could scarcely believe it!!!



  2. I cross the street daily because the bus station is right on the other side of the street I live on. I know it’s hazardous to do this, but I always make sure I have enough time to cross it, also in the middle of the street there tram rail and the cars are prohibited to drive over it. Well, I hope I never have an accident :)).



  3. That’s a very strange way to manage the roadways, but having somewhere to cross is better that what happened to Papa. I sure hope he is doing well… my continued prayers are with him.
    I am SO glad he is there with you in Dubai now and not in Japan.
    God bless for small miracles.



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