It was hit and run

Life had been very good to us, especially lately: my father and mother happy here in Dubai, my father overjoyed with seeing the Dubai Tennis Open, my free trip to Thailand, etc.

One reckless driver would change the course of our lives forever, scarring my father physically and mentally for days to come. Not just my father actually, every one’s just shaken and I’m still having nightmares about everything that happened.

Papa was a victim of a HIT and RUN incident in Dubai.

The thought of that just drives me mad. The crazy driver did not apply brakes before and after he hit my father. This kind of monster should not be allowed to drive at all. Such danger to the society! Generally, any person involved in an accident is required to stop, provide information and render aid if necessary. What kind of person runs away after hitting another person and endangering their lives?

My papa was not on the main road when the accident happened. He got out of the train station (Emirates Station in Marrakesh Road) and crossed the small service road after checking there were no cars coming through. Suddenly, without signaling and with speed exceeding what is allowed in service roads, a black SUV came rushing, hitting him on his left body, sending him flying on air and landing in the asphalt road.

There were witnesses. An Arab expat who was following the car who hit my father stopped to take down the car’s plate number. We are forever grateful to the kind stranger! The crazy hit and run driver needs to be taken out of the road or else he’ll hit people again and run away like nothing happened. I talked to a woman who saw what happened and she couldn’t believe how lucky my papa had been. “He flew for more than 5 meters!”

We have submitted the police report and filed the case against reckless imprudence and dangerous driving resulting in injuries. Please keep us in your prayers that this criminal will be caught soon so he won’t hurt other people again because others might not be too lucky.

19 thoughts on “It was hit and run

    • My father must be the luckiest man on Earth. He had a really huge bump on his head cause of the impact but no fractures or damage to his brain. He is recuperating at home, we were discharged from the hospital because unbelievable as it may seem, he was alright (though with bruises and scratches).

      The police report had been submitted and case filed. We are waiting to face the idiot driver soon, I hope. It’s scary to think he is out there, driving freely.


  1. Holy crap–that is absolutely terrifying! I was also a victim of a hit and run in Helsinki (luckily, I had the foresight to write down the license plate number), and while I was bruised and shaken, it didn’t do any visible damage. Then again, I’m lucky that I’m young. Had the same hit happened to one of our parents–or God forbid, a child–it would have been a lot worse, no doubt.


  2. Swerte giyod imong papa grace na he only had minor bruises after flying for 5 meters! unsa man pud to nga driver oi?! dako giyod to siya og sala grace kay sa pedestrian lane pa nakabangga siya… Dapat ma trace giyod to na driver…I’ll pray maka recover mo from the emotional trama and justice to be served…


  3. HI Grace, So sorry to hear about your Dad,I hope that he is going to be OK. At the moment I am in Italy visiting my family. The drivers here always take some getting used to. Yesterday we witnessed an incredible accident after some fool went through a 50km zone at about 130kph. He hit a bump and the whole car flipped over he was badly injured, serves him right, but at least no one else was hurt. Tell your Dad we are all pulling for him.

    Don’t Go Out Without Your Pedometer Watch


  4. Grace, I am still praying for you and Papa.
    Thanks to God that there were some wonderful people who did stop and lend aid.
    I am glad that the witness got the evil driver’s plate number and hope that you will soon be able to face them in court.
    Please give Papa a big hug for me and tell him that I hope he feels better very soon and that he has raised a very beautiful daughter inside and out.


  5. I am glad to read your father is now doing well. Hit and run is such a cowardly thing to do – accidents happen! I myself was the victim of a hit and run in Dubai (thankfully he/she just broke our mirror and sped away) but good to know in your case there is a witness and a plate number. Hopefully the criminal will get justice.


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