The first 24 hours after the accident

February 27, 2011
Papa didn’t exhibit any scary life threatening indicators like vomiting, headache or loss of consciousness after the accident. A full body x-ray was done and we had to wait for the result. Precious minutes passed. I couldn’t bear seeing him in neck brace, eyes staring at us and telling about how the accident happened over and over again. He’s been an athlete (playing lawn tennis) regularly for more than 30 years now and he told me that when he was thrown into mid-air by the speeding car, he was alert and “planned” how to strategically land to minimize possible injuries.

And I think his strategy might have saved his life.

He had a huge contusion in his head, bruise on his left elbow and pain in his left hip and waist but miraculously, no fractures were found, including in his skull. It was too good to be true so the neuro-surgeon asked for a more comprehensive CT scan.

I can’t remember how hard I prayed outside the laboratory. I was alone. My husband had left the hospital to fetch my mom at home.

With the circumstances surrounding his accident, it nothing short of a miracle that all his bones were fine and there is no damage to his brain. My papa’s been a fighter and survivor all his life. He’s strong will kept the family together during difficult times in the past. I know he won’t give up that easily.

The doctors told us if papa was not feeling any vomiting or nausea or headache, we can go home (unbelievable but true, especially when you see he still has a huge bump on his head). The nurse removed his neck brace and head support and asked him to sit on the bed. He felt fine and I was wiping away happy tears. Just then, a minutes later, papa screamed that he was dizzy and his body stiffened and shivered.

We called for help (screamed on top of my lungs!) and doctors rushed. When they arrived, papa was already ok, albeit very shocked about what had happened. Sudden surge of blood pressure triggered a tonic-clonic seizure. Our fears are not erased yet.

We were asked to stay for 24 hours observation.

Papa was shaken about what happened. He refused to sleep thinking he might never wake up if he did. He kept himself busy by flexing his fingers and toes repeatedly. He kept asking me questions, trying to hold long conversations. His mind was sharp as usual. However he doesn’t want to be left alone and trauma set in. He started asking, “Can we really rely on their testing machines here?” or “What if there was an error?”.

No amount of reassurance stopped his questions.

While watching him in the hospital, I couldn’t rest. Anything could happen with head injuries and that seizure that he had, I was so afraid it’ll come again. My mom was with him and I went home anxiously at 3 am because Pristine was not feeling well at home. Of course I couldn’t sleep well at home.

I got up after 4 hours and  readied Pristine so we can go back to the hospital. I did not get any call from my mom with updates. I called her over and over but her battery was low. I hate being put in the dark.

When I arrived at the hospital, papa is still the same – coherent, conscious and this time, eating properly, drinking lots of water and passing urine normally. The contusion on his head also subsided greatly.

A team of neuro-surgeon came to see the ‘miracle patient’. Papa was talking to them like how he does, injecting jokes here and there. The doctor gave us permission to be discharged from the hospital.

He was asked to sit, stand, walk a bit which he did slowly. We went home at 3pm.

Papa is now resting at home, only feeling dizzy when he rests his head on the bed. We have propped it up with pillows so he’ll get a good incline. He’s sleeping and eating well. As of this writing, it’s been 4 days since the accident and I think he is doing good.

Next: How the accident happened and where do we go from here.


  1. So much emotion in these two posts. Thank God your Papa is alright. I hope he continues to improve and heal quickly. I am sorry your family has to go through this. Please keep us updated on his condition. Looking forward to reading what happens next. hugs to you.



    1. Thanks, Maribeth. It’s a miracle that he is ok. He told me last night that while in the hospital, he was so afraid he’d die in another few minutes, etc. The bump on his head looked so awful, the doctors were expecting the worst.

      Thank you Lord I still have my father!! I am not ready to lose him.



  2. Hello Grace! Hala oi- just got to read this post.. I’m sorry about what happened- the good thing is he is ok now. Get well soon sa imong papa grace…



  3. Hi Grace…kron lng nako nabasa…apil ko nakulbaan, n gapugong sa luha while reading your posts regarding ani sa accident sa imo papa…glad nga athletic c papa doms, alert kaayo iya mind…hope n pray for his fast n full recovery jud.



  4. Miracles do happen. I am so glad papa is doing well. All of you had been through scary moments, I hope those moments are over. You’re in my prayers Grace.



  5. Oh Grace, thank God he is OK… I was in tears just reading your post, I cannot imagine how you lived through this.
    You are such a strong woman, I am glad that he had you there by his side to care and pray for him.
    I will continue to pray for his full recovery – every girl needs her Papa.



  6. Grace, I am so sorry your family has to go through this! It is wonderful that he is doing so well and I pray that he is perfectly fine both physically and mentally in no time. Enjoy your time with him now!



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