Papa’s accident in Dubai

papa and meLast February 14, my father came from the Philippines to visit us here in Dubai. I’ve asked him to come see the Dubai Tennis Championship games because he had been dreaming of seeing those star players in real life ever since he started playing tennis himself more than 30 years ago. And I’ve planned and saved for the flight and the tickets to the game since I landed here.

He’s so happy to be given a chance to fulfill a life long dream.

He went to watch the games everyday since the 19th, taking the bus and train to the stadium expertly, like he has lived here for long. He would come home smiling widely telling great stories from the court.

Last Saturday night after the Men’s finals (between Federer and Djokovic), I expected an unending litany of my father’s appreciation for the game, his very graphic description of the crowd’s reaction, the speed of the balls, etc. Him displaying proudly the photos of the star players in his camera.

February 26, 2011: TRAGEDY STRUCK
At the time I expected my father to call and tell me the result of the game, as he always does, I instead got a phone call from a number I didn’t know.

“Hello? Your father was hit by an SUV and thrown away.”

* He was hit by a speeding car while crossing a pedestrian lane on a small service road (not the main road.

That very moment, my world collapsed and tears fell instantly, uncontrollably. All my fears suddenly collected in that one sentence: Dubai idiotic driving, road accident and my parent’s life in jeopardy. I was gasping for air like I was dying. I could barely gather strength to talk and ask the stranger if my father is conscious. By some miracle, he was still conscious and coherent. But we all know how tricky head injuries are. M and I rushed to the hospital he’ll be taken without knowing the extent of his injury.

I had so many things running in my mind. Life is so fragile. It was just moments ago when I told him to enjoy the games as he walked out the door of my car (I drove him). Now I don’t even know what I’ll see in the hospital. My whole body shook – I wanted to vomit and tears were rolling like it could fill a small dam.

My husband and I arrived at the hospital before the ambulance and I was pacing back and forth waiting for any ambulance coming to Rashid Hospital Trauma Center. A policeman gave me a glass of water to drink. It was the longest wait in my whole life and the one I dreaded so much. I didn’t know how my heart handled the strong, quick palpitations.

The ambulance arrived and it looked like it wasn’t really rushing or I must have only been imagining things. The door opened and two men came out, I rushed to them and I saw my father from the door. It seemed that the blue blanket was over his face – I fell on the floor thinking of the worst. Someone picked me up and I saw my father in neck brace and spinal support, conscious and coherent, talking to me, apologizing. He said he is ok. I was relieved that he’s talking but not satisfied. My shirt had been wet with tears.

To be continued.

21 thoughts on “Papa’s accident in Dubai

    • I arrived from Thailand on early morning Saturday Feb 26 – accident happened on the night of Feb 26. I can’t imagine what if I was not here yet.

      And I wouldn’t have left if this happened before I was scheduled to fly out.


      • I understand that you wouldn’t have left if this happened before your trip…
        Knowing he is alright regardless of the hit-and-run, looking at this experience on a positive light, it isn’t so bad. Along with the so many great experiences he has and will have in Dubai, he is now a survivor of a near-death experience in Dubai, that he can brag about when he goes back to the Philippines. That’s all good!
        I hope he’ll stay well … you and your family, too.


  1. ka trilling ba ani? to be continued man gyd. woooohssh! thank GOD okay na c papa. and walay hanaw man c dong jj.. Dont wori πŸ˜‰


  2. Oh my God Grace. While I was reading, I kept hoping you’d say its a bad dream at the end. Papa’ going to be fine coz he’ll do his best to be with the best people in this world: his family.


  3. Really now, omg, first you had the problem with Pristine and now with your father. I think I already told the the traffic is really hectic here in Bucharest, and I see drivers hoking me even when I cross a pedestrian lane with a semaphore indicating a green light for me.

    I can only imagine how I would feel if I would hear such a news from some complete stranger.


  4. I know the feeling…my brother was killed in Dubai this Feb 5,2011…they said it was a run over accident…because where in the Philippines, we don’t what happened. You are still fortunate because you were there to take good care of him and he’s alive…but us…we didn’t have the chance to do it…


    • Oh my God, that is so terrible. My deepest condolence to you and your family. 😦
      I hope the driver who killed your brother will rot in hell!! Have you filed for police report? I hope someone got the evil’s car plate number!!


      • my brother’s company are doing it…they said to us that the man who killed my bro was already in jail…thank you grace….you know i am looking for some news about my brother in dubai…but found nothing…and i saw your blog.


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