Hotel scenes from Bangkok

twin beds

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I was on the lobby of the hotel we were staying last night since there’s no free WiFi in my room, only in the ground floor lobby. In the age where WiFi is free at Starbucks, etc, I can’t believe some hotels still charge a fee for it in the individual rooms!

Anyway, while waiting for my access card in the reception, I overheard a local staff (Thai) desperately translating something to their Japanese guests, an elderly couple who seem to be the most stubborn people  on Earth.

The hotel is full, all rooms occupied since it’s located in Bangkok’s central location. The couple booked for a room with TWIN beds (2 separate beds) for 3 days but due to some circumstances, a twin bedroom was not available last night. The Thai hotel staff apologized endlessly and asked for the Japanese couple’s understanding that just for tonight, they’d be given a King size bed instead of two separate beds. Just for tonight – the rest of their stay, they can have a room with separate beds.

“No, no, no! No ‘just for tonight!!’. We want separate beds! It’s not our fault here, give us separate beds or we’ll not move from this reception area!”, the wife, smug and angry answered back as her meek husband looked on.

Apparently, there are people who has zero understanding and flexibility just because they are paying customers. Of course it is the hotel’s fault but what’s the matter with sleeping in a big bed together, anyway, just for one night? From the way they look, it seems that they’ve been married for at least 30 years!

But in Japan, it’s weird but true that some married couples sleep in separate beds and sometimes, separate bedrooms! Reasons could range from a snoring partner disrupting sleep of the non-snoring one, battle of the TV remote control or the husband coming late at night and disturbing the wife’s sleep.

As weird as it gets, M (my husband), who used to work in the travel industry had arranged a hotel with special request of twin bed for a coupd ON HONEYMOON.

* The hotel ended up getting another room with twin beds from a nearby hotel and escorted the grumpy couple going there.


  1. I find it emblematic of the management’s attitude toward customers that at expensive hotels you almost always are charged for what is free internet at hotels that are 20% of the price. A huge percentage of the time their overly complicated system (to ensure they can charge what motels and cheap hotels provide customers for free) fail and waste my time. It is very frustrating. Why they refuse to provide what is provided by nearly all cheap hotels should be criticized by those subjected to their customer hostile policies.



  2. Cuh-ra-zee! Why would you go on holiday with someone you apparently disliked so much you couldn’t spend one night in the same bed? Weird!
    I know sometimes it’s nice not to sleep in the same bed for various reasons (sickies!), but most of the time I can’t sleep if he’s gone.



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