Nuts about coconuts in Thailand


It’s just my second day in Thailand and my love for the country is already overflowing. There’s just so many things I want to write about all at the same time so I wouldn’t forget about it. It’s like my mind is racing all the time and my fingers are itching to hit the keyboard while on the road.

But until this tour is over, I only have very limited internet time, that’s when the group goes back to the hotel for the night – after a sumptous dinner that makes me want to head straight to bed so I couldn’t spend too much time in front of the computer and risk waking up the next morning! But no, I have to write something then shower (the sea air makes me feel so sticky and let’s not start discussing about what it does to the hair) and sleep.

One of the things I love about Thailand is simply the food. Everything is just so fresh. The vegetables are crispy, fresh, mostly organic grown by local farmers and the fruits are of different varieties and are very delicious.

fruit platter

Above photo: Fruit platter at lunch, it’s only here I found out that there are really sweet Pomelos!

longan plate

Above photo: Fruit inside my hotel room. Those round brown ones are called longans – interesting fruit, a cross of a rambutan and a lychee. Delicious. Addicting. I finished the bunch in one sitting.

While every fruit I’ve tasted was marvelous and dangerously addicting, my favorite though, is the coconut.

It is so healthy (it’s not called “tree of life” for nothing), it quenches thirst, it’s filling when eaten with its meat but I think most of all, because it reminds me of home. Thailand, like the Philippines is in South East Asia so they share (almost) the same weather and seasons and agricultural produce. I’ve had these coconuts while growing up until I left my home in the Philippines at 19 to study in Japan, spent 10+ years there then moved to Dubai, spending 4+ years there.

Both countries don’t have coconuts.

sipping coconut juice

~ I believe I look happy here ha ha ~

I didn’t realize how much I missed coconuts until I had them again, here in Thailand. I’ve got three days left of my trip and I plan on having as many coconuts as I possibly can!

Have you tried coconuts? Do you like it? If not, I suggest you give it a go!


  1. I love coconuts! In Thailand you have to try the roasted ones (yes, to drink!).. you will find it being sold with just the inside nut that has been roasted, kept inside icy water of course! You must try it, it’s so good!
    Maybe you should do a post some time on Pomelos and explain to everyone what they are! At first I couldn’t understand them, but now I love them.



  2. I remember I ordered/craved for coconut when I was still preggy. They just sold me the water and when I asked for the meat, they had it blended. Shohada! I couldn’t feel the real meat.



  3. Oh. Never tried coconuts and never been to Thailand:(
    But that’s why I’m an avid blog reader. I can indirectly experience Japan, Dubai, Philippines:)
    I hope everything will be fine when you come back – what the heck is happening in your neighborhood?? Take care!



  4. Buy your fruits and veggies in season. Brown rice is also very cheap, and so are beans. You could probably forgo the maple syrup and the coconut milk as they are the least necessary. Oils aren’t really that important. You definitely need veggies though.



  5. Oh, I love coconuts, the liquid and the meat.
    It’s hard for me to buy them here and open them myself because I have not strength in my arms/hands due to my nerve problems in my neck, but every once in a while, I will do it… I have even given some of the meat to my doggies and they love it too. I totally believe it is the “tree of life.”
    I even like the shredded stuff they have in bags in the baking aisle of the store and use it for a lot of baking. TeeHee



  6. The present Prime Minister is trying hard to start it. However, what have been deeply rooted and practiced a long long time ago, can not be just stopped in a very short time. It takes time and real efforts to make it. The people must learn, not to sell their votes for just a hundred or two hundred Baht. They should realized that when politicians spent a lot, they had “to earn it back”, by hook or by crook. Educate the people. They are selling themselves very cheap! And then complain!!!



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