Arrived in Thailand!

with guide

~ with our local guide at the airport in Bangkok ~

After almost seven hours inside the plane, I’ve landed in Bangkok. Everything was smooth and fine with the trip except for my being overly emotional about parting with Pristine (my seven year old daughter for those who don’t know who Pristine is) and the terrible queue at the immigration counter at Dubai Airport.

Anyway, Thailand means “the land of the free” according to our local guide. Yes, true but I also call it, Thailand – the land where everyone speaks to me in Thai language! From onboard Thai Airways, to landing at the airport, to the hotels and at lunch, everyone thinks I am a local.With my brown skin, black hair, full South East Asian package, I can’t really blame them and I don’t mind at all. Our local guidein that photo up there looks like my father so I’m not really surprised to be mistaken as one of them!

I only have a couple of hours before the busy tour itinerary starts again so this is just a quick way to say I have arrived safely and will blog about the trip as I go!(I’ve sacrificed bathing and napping time for this but I can’t really stop myself from updating the blog and Twitter)

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    1. I am here in Thailand for a familiarization trip for bloggers in the Middle East. This all paid for trip is sponsored by Tourism Authority of Thailand.



  1. Huwaw! Just yesterday I was commenting your perfect morning — having breakfast in Dubai. Now you’re in Thailand. šŸ™‚ Have a blast, then. šŸ™‚



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