Morning at the Dubai Mall

Dubai waterfront

My leave started today and I spent my morning in a very relaxing way. No worries about packing (because I have already finished that task a long time ago – blame OCD). I went to Dubai Mall at 9 am to have breakfast by myself at the foot of Burj Khalifa.


Cafes line up the waterfront near the world’s tallest building and so grabbed a table and did al fresco dining. Free WiFi, healthy-ish breakfast and the perfect harmony of the warm sun and cool air in February.

Burj Khalifa

I need to remind myself that there are perfect mornings like this in Dubai too. I have to remind myself when summer comes.


  1. That looks stunning, I’ve always wanted to goto Dubai. I read a book about it in the library a few weeks ago and it really does look like a futuristic city!



  2. LOVING the sun here right now! can’t imagine the heat, I don’t want to believe what people say…not checked out Dubai Mall yet, only Mall of the Emirates but now its next on my list…



  3. I like the sunny mornings, when everything is silent and all I need to do is to relax and enjoy my breakfast. Have a nice holiday!

    p.s. no need to worry about how you look, need to just feel comfortable being you



  4. In April, I shall be flying from London Heathrow to Perth, Australia. I will be flying with Emirates and stopping off in Dubai. I will then have a 10 hour wait until my connecting plane to Perth.



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