Facebook chat, nostalgia, growing old, etc


I had a chat with a good, old high school friend of mine (whom I’ve lost touch with) last night via Facebook. Usually Facebook chat acts like a young child that’s sweet at first, grumpy the second so I thought our chat would only last for 10 minutes max before we tell each other “hey Facebook chat sucks, bye!”.

It seems a miracle in itself that my friend was online but another mystery was that, Facebook chat didn’t suck last night.

So we chatted for 2 and a half hours.

The last time we have seen each other was 14 years ago in 1997. And prior to that was high school graduation in 1993. It feels so good to reconnect with old friends because suddenly, I am not the working mother who’s tired at the end of the day and counting the days till the weekend, not the person who can’t stay up late beyond 10 pm – I become alive and young again while being transported back to high school, giggling and telling silly jokes along the way.

I was actually smiling in front of the computer beyond 12 midnight.

We reminisced and reminisced and laughed at little things like how little children around us before have been popping in Facebook, already married and have kids of their own! Suddenly that made me feel old. My mom who’s turning 60 this year once told me she doesn’t really feel old and that her feelings are still the same – as the years go by, it’s only added responsibilities, wrinkles and stomach gas.

From last night’s trip down to memory lane and small giggles, I do believe we are only old as how we feel.
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  1. Yeah, I get nostalgic too when I talk with my high-school buddies, especially when they are married and have two kids :).
    But nevertheless, it’s nice to talk with old friends and like Charlotte said travel down the memory road!



  2. Yes, I agree in what you have said in your last sentence. It is only in how we feel and how we think that we are old. Sometimes we still act childish and it is because we forgot our age and how old we are. So, in order that we don’t get old, let’s just always think and feel that we are young.



  3. I totally understand your mom’s feeling! I look at people who are older (like my parents) and think that by the time I get that age I will feel more mature and wise… but I don’t really think it’s true because at 31 I still don’t really feel “grown up”. I think it has more to do with how you look at life than your age! 🙂



    1. True. I feel that nothing has changed with how I feel. Strangely enough, I feel that my age has stopped at 19 when I left home to study in Japan in 1996!



  4. How great you got to reconnect with your friend-People can knock Facebook all they want, but ultimately, it was created to make things like that happen 🙂

    I TOTALLY agree with you, though. You’re only as old as you feel!



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