Dubai Shopping Festival 2011 starts


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Dubai Shopping Festival event kicks off from today – this is our 5th DSF since arriving in Dubai in January 2007 and we are looking forward to it every year. With the cool Dubai weather in January – February, it’s a nice time to enjoy the festivities, not necessarily doing shopping. The streets are brightly lit (photos to follow soon) and there will be fireworks and lots of free entertainment inside the malls!

The 32-day mega campaign starting from today, offers shoppers a chance to win 21 kilograms of gold worth Dh3.5 million through raffle draws. A Dh3 million in cash is also at stake through a special “Scratch n Win” promotion if you shop for diamonds, pearls and watches.

Ready, set, shop!

According to local newspaper Gulf News,

It’s 32 days of carnivals, music concerts, games, cultural events, fireworks, raffles, competitions, and, of course, endless shopping. The only thing you may be missing is someone to carry your bags.

Wait, that’s clearly an erroneous statement. The other missing thing will be the money for shopping! Sometimes you can’t trust newspapers these days – they leave out the little important stuff!

Happy shopping!

Guide to 2011 DSF


  1. Shopping it’s an important part of Dubai, and i think that it deserves a proper celebration 🙂
    I don’t think that Dubai knows to do something small.



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