Need rain umbrella in Dubai? Sometimes.


~ Pristine at 2 1/2 years old on the way to pre-school in rainy Japan ~

I won’t be talking about the weather anymore after having posts about snow in Japan, clouds in Dubai. No more weather talk for a while.

Except that it’s really dark and overcast here in Dubai and it’s safe to say that we will be rained on today too.

Yesterday Pristine wanted to bring her umbrella when we went out for school but I said no, only because I don’t know where the umbrella is (hello, we only use it once or twice a year but she plays with it so it could be anywhere in the house!) and because we were in a real hurry. She was the original umbrella hit maker, not Rihanna. LOL!

When we got into the car, it started pouring rain. The girl looked at me with that poor puppy look and said,

“See? We could have bought my umbrella! Now I have to put on my jacket hood then it’ll destroy my hair.” *sob*

The walk from the car to the school building entrance is just 5 meters, thankfully. That should not be long enough to damage her hair do! I told her once she comes back from school, she’ll have to look for her umbrella and ready it by the door.

Surely enough, she carried the umbrella to school this morning but it hasn’t rained yet until we arrived. I can hear her rain prayers until here.

Did I just talk about the weather again?


  1. In summer, I too sometimes pray for a rainy day. Not to mention how much my mood is influenced by bad weather. So, it’s ok to talk about weather.

    I can’t wait spring to come and to eat some fresh fruits, I had enough of snow and cold.



  2. I always leave my umbrella at home when the weather is overcast, and usually it starts to rain, the funny thing is that when I take my umbrella the sky clears.

    Anyway, I think you talked more about Pristine then the weather, maybe a small mention about raining and the sky…
    .-= Alex@Jocuri´s last blog ..Bratz la coafat =-.



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