Pristine’s 7th birthday party went well

Hi, I survived the kid’s birtday party. Can I have a shirt for that?

There were…(eyes to ceiling and counting with fingers)…9 kids plus about the same number of adults in our house last Thursday night. With the help of my cousin and dear friend Rose (and my boss who approved my half day leave), I was able to put food on the table on time. I even managed to take a bath before the guests came in!

Here’s how Pristine’s birthday cake looked like:

Pristine's cake

Actually the center photo was supposed be Sleeping Beauty but the baker told me they can customize it to a picture of your choice. I thought she’d be delighted to see herself in the cake and she was! That photo was taken last year when she still had her full set of milk teeth!

I didn’t have to worry about entertaining the kiddos because they entertained themselves! Here is Pristine explaining the games she has laid out for the night. LOL!

Pristine explains

What a relief that was. The Wii helped too, immensely

Pristine birthday

but they kept getting closer and closer to the TV!

Pristine birhtday

The kids had fun but if I have to do it again next year (which at this time, I am not really sure if I would like to do it again)…here are some tips for myself I’d like to read to myself before the birthday party:

  • SD cards at the ready – I wasn’t able to delete enough old photos to take longer videos from my digital camera
  • Take time to stop & take photos – I was running here and there I wasn’t able to take a photo with the birthday girl!
  • Turn on the Christmas lights – Pristine’s birthday is near Christmas so we have a tree and some lights but I forgot to turn it on

Pritstine opening gifts

Before retiring for the night, Pristine was on the floor opening some of her birthday presents. The girl just couldn’t wait until Christmas morning!


  1. I knew you could do it! Pristine looks so pretty, I love her dress and her hair looks lovely. She also looks so happy in all the photos. Great tips for yourself for next year, which I know you will give in and do again, HaHa.
    The cake is a really nice touch.
    Happy birthday Pristine and a very happy new year to you all. HUGS!!
    .-= Lorie Shewbridge´s last blog ..2010 The Year That Was – A Meme =-.



  2. WOw! beautiful as always kaayo si pristine… And oh- the cake! pang model material kaayo ang little girl :-)… Nice kaayo iyang dress on her party. I saw on FB na niuli imo mama grace, ikaw lang tanan ng prepare sa iya bday party?
    .-= bin´s last blog ..Merry Christmas Everyone! =-.



  3. sounds like all the kids had as much fun as they did at all those fancy ones that cost so much. see you don’t have to ‘keep up with the jones’! i think for here it will be remembered because it was so special with the cake with her picture on it. my 2 favorite birthday rememberances were 1) my mom made me a carrosel cake and 2) my lamb cakes…she had a mold that shaped the lamb. she would put it on a silver serving tray he had white icing with coconut bits all over, a cherry nose and rasin eyes. she would dye some of the coconut green and sprinkle it all around for grass….i requested this cake MANY times.

    pat yourself on the back and give your mommyness an A++ for being such a loving mom who took the time to do it herself and make it so personal!

    HEY…start looking for a place that serves high tea and one year you both dress up in your ‘sunday best’ and go celebrate there. charlie took me to tea at the mansion on turtle creek on year as a prechristmas present and while it was wonderful, i noticed a mom and child (between 8 and 10) at another table. they looked like they were having such a good time sharing time with each other!
    .-= HODGEPODGESPV´s last blog ..Whats up =-.



  4. Thanks so much for the kind words and that suggestion of yours about dressing up in Sunday best and just enjoy each other is a treasure!! What a great way it would be to spend one of her birthdays (or mine) like that.



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